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  1. Same! praying for a miracle in terms of funding, because I really did not think I was going to get in! trying to decide between vanderbilt and my current undergrad, which is under half the price.... also considering MGH, but they're even more expensive than vandy!
  2. same!!! so excited! now another week to hear about funding!
  3. i see people getting accepted on the results page!! anxiously refreshing
  4. Anyone know when we'll hear from Vanderbilt?? They're the last school I'm waiting on and I'm dying to hear back!
  5. I've also been accepted! Do you think the accepted students day is worth going to? I haven't visited yet, but the March open house is over my spring break and would work better for me. I'm not sure which one to do!
  6. They were having some technical issues with their portal, if you got the email that it was complete I'm sure it was fine. There was no supplemental application!
  7. Hi everyone! I was just accepted to a school with a merit scholarship. As we know, the deadline for our responses back to schools is April 15th. Except, on my merit scholarship letter it says "Please email ______ no later than February 22nd to confirm your acceptance of our Merit-Based Scholarship offer. If we do not hear from you by February 22nd, the scholarship will no longer be available." Do you think if I accept the scholarship I'm also accepting the offer of admission?? Loyola is in my top picks, but I want to hear back from everywhere before I make my final decision. Does anyone know if I can accept the scholarship without enrolling? Thanks everyone!
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