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  1. I've really heard a mix of NYMC, Idk how much they try to weed out, but I do know not all of them are great, from what a present student told me. You won't find a program where every professor is on top of it, but I think Seton Hall they at least care about the students and will help them do well however they can. I don't think they're going to have a clinic, but they have you in a school first semester, same school second semester (you get your own patients starting with one in the Fall when you're ready I believe), and you have two other placements besides those. They also do mini trainings I think on special interest type things. I was accepted to Rush, Northwestern, MGH, BU, Emerson, Seton Hall because I kept the GPA and all that, UNC-Chapel Hill, CUNY Hunter, NYU, and NYMC. I am leaning towards BU because it was one of my favorites and they offered me a scholarship.
  2. Hi! I go to Seton Hall University. I have an automatic acceptance there, and also got accepted to NYMC. I am going to most likely choose to go elsewhere, but that's because I got into one of my tops and want something different. NYMC is great academically, have heard amazing things and they have opportunities to study abroad and get FEES certification I believe that way. Their medical focus is a huge plus to me. Seton Hall has unbelievable professors that truly care about how you do. They offer all externships and the program has you in a school 1st year, taking on patients from first semester, and the next two placements are different. There is no clinic on campus. They do give additional training in the form of workshops as well I heard. With that said, you have limited, if any, say in where you're placed. With that said, the program's small and I imagine you can still explain your interests and they'll do their best, but you can ask them to clarify. With that said, both programs are difficult, with rigorous academics. While I believe SHU supports you, I have heard NYMC is not supportive faculty-wise, from a current student who is doing well. They try to weed people out was the rumor I heard, although I do not know if it is true, so I would talk to current students. Seton Hall does not really offer electives, the only elective would be to do a research project/independent study I believe. They do offer multiple study abroad trips. I can honestly say most of the professors at SHU are terrific, and as long as you are accountable for your work, you'll do well.
  3. Their website says by first full week in March (this one) or by March 15th. The suspense is killing me too lol
  4. Vanderbilt's website says either the first full week in March or by March 15th - has anyone spoken with someone for a more precise date? The suspense is killing me!
  5. BU's website says 100k (50k) per semester. My scholarship offer came in my email!
  6. I'd ignore the harsh commenters - I know someone with your stats who got into Northwestern's program. Your GRE scores are really good, and your gpa is not bad, a lot of programs look at everything.
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