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  1. I heard back yesterday! I got an email, but my portal still says "sent to department". Based on other posters, it looks like they sent notices out to people who received funding/scholarships.
  2. Hey everyone! I created a facebook page for students accepted to ETSU. https://www.facebook.com/groups/753898351665766/?source=create_flow&ref=bookmarks
  3. Congrats!! I've also been accepted and can't wait to connect with other accepted students. Overall GPA: 3.72 GRE: 153V, 148Q, 5AW James Madison University (accepted 2/26), University of Maryland (accepted 2/24), Towson University, Old Dominion, Radford University, East Tennesse State University
  4. Congrats! I was wondering the same thing... I feel like it will be pretty similar to an open house. That would be a great question to call and ask them though
  5. Hey everyone! I am so excited to have been accepted to University of Maryland. I am trying to connect with others who have been accepted!
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