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  1. ATTN: any current grad students or people who are applying again, when did you start receiving admission decisions? Did most schools wait until March/April? The application due dates are quickly approaching, and I just finished submitting mine. When will the waiting end?! haha help
  2. Hi I am from Texas and applying to a big range of schools (6) all over the country. My biggest concerns are not know exactly what constitutes a "good" school versus a "safety" school, not standing out, and funding. Best of luck to all applying! Applying to graduate schools for Fall 2018! GPA: 3.95 GRE: 165V 159Q 4.5AW Applying to: The University of Texas / University of Texas at Dallas / University of Houston / Columbia Teacher's College / Vanderbilt / University of Washington
  3. bevo18


    Ok what is actually a competitive score to get into the top speech pathology schools like Vanderbilt and Washington? I know they look at other factors, but is this a huge weed out factor?
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