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  1. Can the Arizona State, Georgia State, UC Santa Barbara, and Colorado State counseling psychology please message me or comment on their POI?
  2. I would also say that they're probably trying to workout another date for you. If possible, I would contact a program coordinator/admin contact because sometimes they are the people who are more on top of these things rather than professors. Obviously, I would word it in a way that doesn't sound pushy and doesn't make it seem like you are trying to go around the professor but rather contact someone who would be more appropriate for these types of questions. Maybe cc the admin contact in a follow up email to professor?
  3. I just found it odd that seemingly everyone that got rejected for the PhD automatically got the offer for Masters with a scholarship.
  4. I was rejected from a PhD program without being offered an interview but was offered acceptance into Masters with a small scholarship. The scholarship is not enough to cover tuition or living expenses. I am not planning to accept. However, my question is more about these programs. I am very skeptical of programs that offer you acceptance without an interview. It seems that a lot of private universities are doing this (Columbia, Boston College, NYU, etc.). What is the point? Is it worth it to attend their Masters program or is it better to attend one that has a more selective admissions process
  5. I don't think it's an issue at all. It's possible that both departments won't know that you applied for the other one depending on how/who reviews the applications. The only thing I would suggest is that if you do get an interview, be prepared to answer the "why are you interested in clinical/counseling psychology as opposed to other fields"? which in my experience has come up quite frequently.
  6. I wouldn't be too discouraged by it. It's fairly common for people to miss some/all social events. In this case, I would attend all other events as possible. I would reach out to current grad students via email and ask them questions as necessary. You want to do this in a way that doesn't come off as probing but just in a very friendly way and with a genuine interest. I think grad students are the best resource to find out about the program, POI, what the situation is like there. The interviews I have attended have all had a "current students panel" where they discuss some of these thing
  7. As many have pointed out, business attire is best for interviews. As for socials, I say business casual or even just jeans and a nice button down or nice sweater with plain shirt underneath. I wouldn't do just t-shirt and jeans as I think it's a little too casual. For piercings and tattoos, I think it really depends on the field. For Psychology, I think some piercings (such as a small nose stud or extra earrings) are acceptable but much more than that I think it would be best to take it out. I have seen people with small nose studs at interviews and no one seemed to mind. I haven't seen
  8. Had anyone heard from Georgia State counseling psyc? There was one person who posted they have an interview but then there were other posters who said they contacted the program and were told that invites had not been sent.
  9. @TakeruK I meant considering if the things I had mentioned were not clear (official offer, financial information made available, etc.) THEN gliter250 should attend since he/she has already purchased the ticket. @gliter250 I would ask for the financial information so that you can decide whether or not it's worth it to attend the other interview. You could find a polite way of asking what the stipend etc. will entail and make a decision on whether or not to attend the other interview based on that.
  10. I would say that before you burn any bridges consider all of the potential problems that could arise from your "first option" school. As long as you have received an official offer, you have discussed funding with your POI and program director, as well as talked to the current grad students thoroughly about what the program/POI/environment is like then it's okay not to go to the other school's interview. The way I see it, you have already bought the tickets, why not just go and check it out?
  11. @artsy16 very odd... I also find it very odd that it has taken the school so long to send out invites. I have heard from everyone else.
  12. Georgia State Counseling Psychology please share your POI. A few of us would like to know!
  13. Has anyone heard from Arizona State, Boston College, or Georgia State counseling psyc?
  14. Could the Boston College Counseling Psyc poster please tell me who his/her POI is?
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