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  1. I saw a thread with the same title, but it was years ago so I thought maybe I would start a new one. I really liked the info regarding software, etc. that were recommended to new students like me. I have a question that feels silly, but I really would love to hear what you do. Right now when I need to study at the library or anywhere away from home, I carry my bag (purse), my school bag, which includes any paperwork I may be reading, my laptop, books, etc., and my lunch bag because I try to take food from home to eat healthier and save money. Anyway, this is a lot to carry. Once I start my PhD program, I don't want to carry all of this stuff. What do you do? Anyone have one of those rolling totes? They seem very practical, but kind of nerdy at the same time! Lol..
  2. Do you have to have a teaching credential to do that?
  3. Is there anyone else here applying to the SDSU College of Education for their PhD, Fall 2016?
  4. I just took the GRE. I wish I had something like this when I was studying. Good luck everyone!
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