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  1. In my country, it's not a big deal to continue on the same school. I myself did my undergrad and masters at the same place, even the same advisor. But I wouldn't go for a PhD there, even if they had it. I think I've learned enough with my advisor and a different school would be much more productive.
  2. It's like the silence before the storm... I feel the same way, not really motivated to do anything here, just waiting for my trip and to get things started! I'll travel in one month, so I still have some time to feel this way... =S
  3. The same happens with me, but because our educational system is different. If i say I'm a graduate student, they think I'm still in college. So, in my coutry, I say PhD student, but it the US, saying you're a grad student makes perfect sense!
  4. As a Brazilian, I love soccer and I love to watch my team playing (and I do hope we'll win this year!). But I've seen first hand the mess FIFA causes. For instance: in Brazil, selling beers in stadiums is forbiden. Guess what: FIFA made the Brazilian Congress change that law just for the World Cup. FIFA also made patent for words like "cup" and "pagode" (which is a musical style very popular in Brazil), so that if you use these words you may have to pay them royalties. Not to mention all the money our government spent in stadiums and other useless works. They built a huge bridge in my town
  5. The university actually has an offcampus housing website. I found a roommate there! A friend os mine who lives near will stop by and check the place and de guy, if it's ok, my problem is solved! =)
  6. I've lived in Brazil most of my life, and some time in the US (Cleveland, Kansas City and Pittsburgh). I visited Washington DC, Miami and NYC. Other countries I've been to are Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Canada. The Andes are the most amazing place I've been to. Europe is the first in my list of next trips.
  7. I think American pizza already has too much red sauce, but here in Brazil I put ketchup in my pizza It's quite common, actually!
  8. Currently playing with an Xbox 360, but I wanna get a PS4. Even though I won't have time to play...
  9. I'll arrive one month before classes start. I am planning on staying on a hostel for one or two weeks, to have time to find a place. I'm searching online, of course, but I won't decide anything until I can see the place in person.
  10. I've seen people get the F-visa after they enrolled in very cheap and not respected courses (often not even in an university, but in a ESL or cooking course). So, as long as you prove you have the money, so you won't have to work, and you are officially enrolled, they won't bother about your grades!
  11. I don't, specially one based on Jung, who I don't even consider a respectful scientist (at least not for nowadays standards). Anyway, the test is fun! =) I'm ENFJ, but my "E" was only 1% different from the "I", so although I consider myself an extroverted person, I'm confused!
  12. This shouldn't be a concern, as long as you have the acceptance letter, DS-2019 (this is for J-1 visa, actually, I don't know what form they have for the F-1 visa) and proof of financial funds. They will not judge your visa based on your grades, so don't worry!
  13. I'll move to Baltimore in the summer, I don't intend to have a roommate, so I'll rent a studio. You can get a decent place under $1000. I don't mind if it's a small place but I do want to live near campus.
  14. Hi there! I'll start my PhD at Hopkins this fall, Psychological and Brain Sciences program.
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