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  1. Who else is binging Narcos on Netflix? So good!

  2. Why are people's tweets showing as status updates?

  3. They just cancelled a class I was soooo looking forward to. Now I have to choose among my second and third choice because they won't let me retain full time status if I don't. Effing pissed!

    1. Lycaon


      Ugh, yeah, I hate having to choose among the dregs. Get it together, departments

  4. Shaved my head today. It's so freeing!

  5. Did the VO give any specific reason as to why they are refusing you a visa? When I was preparing for my interview I was advised to schedule it at Dammam consulate instead of at the embassy. Where did you go for yours? Rejecting you on the basis of only those 3 questions without asking for a bank statement does seem unfair. Wish you good luck for the next time, give it your best shot.
  6. What a wonderful collection of pictures that depict what life was like in the US more than a hundred years ago. http://www.shorpy.com/

  7. I had a Samsung GS4 when I was in Saudi which I planned to bring with me to the US. But a T-Mobile rep told me that since my phone has been configured only for the Middle East, it wouldn't work on their network. Same with Verizon. In the end I just decided to go with Republic Wireless. Major savings but you do have to buy their own phone.
  8. Republic Wireless. Unlimited calls, text and data for less than $35/month including taxes. Only downside is you have to buy their phone.
  9. How are you supposed to feel when you get a better grade than you expected in one course and worse than expected in another.

    1. ahlatsiawa


      Technically I should just feel indifferent. :P

    2. nugget


      If the 2 courses still average out to what you had originally expected, then I would personally be happy about it and move on. If not, you win some and you lose some. Use your disappointment to motivate you to do better next semester.

  10. It's been a year since I joined gradcafe. Being an international student, I can honestly say this has been the single most useful resource for me in my journey as a graduate student. Thank you gradcafe, and thank you gradcafe-ers. :)

    1. fuzzylogician


      You're welcome! I hope you stick around and contribute some of your own wisdom, now that you're on the other side :)

    2. Threeboysmom


      I would agree this forum has been invaluable during my journey from preparing for the GRE applying and waiting and now coming to the end of my first year. What a wonderful resource.

  11. Crunch week ahead.

  12. First midterm tomorrow. Space flight is really interesting.

  13. If you're bringing your car, I would suggest looking at Clarendon Heights and Nob Hill apartments (both are about 2.5 miles away from campus). Westcott mostly has 2-5 bedroom houses which you can rent with friends. It is also close to the downtown and has a number of restaurants. I personally don't really like Westcott because I hate living with roommates. If you're okay with that though, then you can probably cut your rent in half living in Westcott. I've been here only one winter but the roads are always clear and in the two complexes I mentioned above, they have 24 hr maintenance staff whic
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