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    Device physics, electrical and photonic properties of novel 1D and 2D materials, organic displays and photovoltaics, fabrication technology
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  1. Just came back to the GradCafe because the feeling has been overwhelming today.
  2. Love your avatar ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎◞ ̑̑ෆ⃛

  3. Because less people apply. If the seats are far fewer, then it would be tougher, so it depends. He's either out of town or too busy. Reply him asking when he can. I hardly suppose it's anything to fret over. If he wasn't interested, he wouldn't have responded.
  4. I find taking handwritten notes more convenient than typing them. It's also easier to draw diagrams and write down equations--but of course, this is field-specific. Someone on this forum suggested scanning and running an OCR on the notes.
  5. Any sort of work/research/study you did as an EE graduate (or still undergrad) working in/studying about the petroleum field that made you decide on getting a graduate/professional degree in petroleum engineering, I guess?
  6. Update: Finally settled on this bag for myself.
  7. It really depends. Do hold on and wait for the reply from the department. Chances are they might not consider the grades from the abnormal psych and nursing majors, but they will see them. Explaining your situation on the SOP should help, as should your (stellar!) research experience and (hopefully awesome?) current grades. It doesn't hurt to try. Include a bit more than 3 schools this application season; 5-6 ought to be good. Good luck! Edit: Since this is the SOP forum, I should add that you shouldn't make what didn't work out the focus of your SOP, but rather how it helped build you and yo
  8. Your new scores are awesome. Hopefully you'll do just fine. Also--in case this was the error in your apps the last time--talk more about your research and current research interests on your SOP, and highlight them on your CV/resume. If applicable: Try to weave in how your current work experience will help you as a future researcher on the SOP. Unrelated: You're working as a software engineer? Isn't that more of a CSE work? That's cool though. I have an old friend who's also an EE graduate working as a software engineer for Visa at SF.
  9. Yep, it was on campus. ~$11k a year or something IIRC. That's cool and reasonable for NYC. I know someone who lives at ~$1200 for a studio in Columbia U's housing.
  10. It depends on the kind of software, simulations, and coding you'd need to run. It's better that you take advice from current students and from your advisor. Some universities allow remote access to the PCs on campus, in which case you wouldn't need more than 8GB.
  11. Well I looked up housing when I got accepted to UIC, and it seemed that >=$1k /month is the usual for a studio. Yes, Chicago is pretty expensive too.
  12. That's amazing! Makes for a great deal of experience for a recent graduate/current undergrad! Best of luck on the applications! Edit: Since you edited the post and talked a bit more: Your SOP is your story. It's always a good idea to visit if you can as I said in another post. If it makes way for better opportunities/chances, then all the merrier.
  13. The following statements are based on this info: If your cGPA is > 3.5, improve other sections of your application e.g. adding more research experience, apart from a stellar SOP. Your GRE scores are already terrific. If your cGPA without withdrawing from the said bad semester is < 3.5, then that makes it a little worrisome.
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