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  1. 1. I have not thrown a tantrum to her directly. I've been very respectful to her so far. (why is everyone here so biased toward the professors and automatically assume things?) 2. Even though it's only 10 pages, it's highly compressed and is not to be taken lightly. She wants it to have a chance of getting published. Project C is outside my interest area, is something I need to start from scratch, requires carrying out an experiment that's outside my experience, and very likely to not get decent results. There is too much of a risk of all efforts for nothing. I told her that. 3. Yes
  2. First, of all, it's a Masters thesis, not a Phd thesis. Most Masters thesis in our department are around 10 pages, much like a paper. We did agree on a topic early in the spring (Project A..), and I took her class. She mentioned I can work on that project for the class and then my thesis would be half finished. Problem is, she teamed me up with a group and one group member wanted to work on a different project (Project B..) She told me I can do Project B also, and shouldn't feel obligated that I have to do project A. At the end of the semester, before she left, we had a meeting. I m
  3. I got a professor who agreed to be my MS. thesis adviser (no funding). We agreed on a thesis topic. This summer, she left for abroad and before leaving we discussed thesis topic again, and I mentioned 3 possibilities. She did not object. Later I sent her a proposal and she rejected it. This is something we've been discussing all along so it's kind of a surprise. She wanted me to work on another project for one of her PhD student. It's not in my interest area, nor expertise. I mentioned this and never got any response from her again, be it email, Slack, whatever. I had to have her PhD stud
  4. I applied for a summer internship. I originally planned on taking a 2 week vacation after school is out, and then begin my internship. I planned on just making my "starting date" 2 weeks after school is over. But this offer I got wanted me to start part time in April, which I agreed. They also want me to continue part time thru the fall, which I also agreed. It's a good opportunity and I want to do well. So it's essentially a co-op now.But that would require me to ask for a break if I want a vacation. Should I? I want to go back to my home country and 1 week is not enough. Thanks
  5. I'm in an ECE curriculum and I want to take 3 courses (12 hours) in fall. Problem is, I got a internship for the summer and they want me to continue on a part time basis in fall as well (20 hours/week). The internship would really help my career and the company is located in a research park near campus. The courses are mostly theory (one stat course, one on mathematical optimization in vector space, and another on information theory). I want to get in touch with the professors next week and find out more about the course material and buy the textbooks now so I can self study. By fall, I w
  6. I decided to stick with the stat class. It's very useful and I need to be confident in my abilities. The class also doesn't seem as hard as I thought. On the other hand, I really want to impress the professor in that 500 level of mine. What's the best way of doing that? (aside from doing well in the class obviously).
  7. I'm Masters student at UIUC and this is my first semester. In addition to a 500 level course in my field, I'm also taking a 400 level statistics course as elective. I'm told that "B" is a poor grade in grad school because most people get As and Bs in grad classes. Well, this stat course is NOT graded that way, it is graded like a conventional college/high school class where the average grade is a C, and to get an A requires a 90% or above, B (80% to 90%), etc... The professor told us on the first day that there will be no curve and everyone is graded on the scale (so this means everyone can ge
  8. Thanks, but keep in mind that I have already submitted my application on 9/1. All my LORs were in by 9/29, which is the day I visited the school and met with POI. I don't want to be seen as trying to "gain advantage" in the admission process by contacting POI at this time. Perhaps this is why some ppl on Gradcafe discourage it. I guess I can wait until the end of the month/ early Nov as that's when all will be notified. But the earlier I find out, the better it is for me, as I have some backup plans as well. I just want to be really sure before I go ahead with this. I don't want to sabotage m
  9. Thanks, It's been 2 weeks since I visited (and since my LORs were all in), still haven't heard anything. Should I follow up with my POI and ask about the status? Or is this too soon/inappropriate? From reading Gradcafe, it seems one is discouraged from contacting POI in this stage, so I'm not sure I should. But wouldn't it be an indication of interest and shows you care if you followed up? For example, it's typically encouraged to follow up after job interviews...
  10. It lasted about 30 min. I can't remember everything said, but here is the gist... <shake hand> POI: Thanks for coming down here. I really appreciate it. Me: Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. POI: Where else are you applying to? Me: I'm only applying to <this school> not only because it has a top program, but also because I'd like to stay in state. I also like the Spring admission, which very few schools offer. POI: <smiles> I see in your email that you are interested in innovation, I want you to know that most of what I do is theoretical. I want to make sure our
  11. Many top programs have an automatic cutoff at 90 percentile for GRE quant, which means 165. I know for sure this is how UIUC ECE do it, and I imagine that's the case for many others. Some of the programs you listed might not be too competitive, but I would take the GRE again if you want to get into Ann Arbor or Madison. Competition for international students are higher than domestic.
  12. From what I've gathered, it's best to apply to private schools if you are international . At some public schools, admit rates for domestic students can be 3 or 4 times higher than international, and many public schools have a budget crunch now.
  13. I guess I should refine my question a bit more. Basically, I'm planning to meet this professor in a week. I'm trying to read a few of his articles to better understand his research. I plan to really understand 2 articles. Problem is, it's not easy and I'm not sure I will be able to completely understand every technical detail in the articles. Is that necessary to understand it perfectly before meeting? Thanks
  14. I've submitted all parts of my application. But before the wait game starts, there is one more thing to do: visit professors that I made contacts with in August. How can I (or should I even) tell them that I want to work under them for my MS? "I hope I can work in your group." or "I hope you can be my thesis adviser?" My ultimate goal is to impress them so that they'll bat for me in the 2nd stage of the admission process. I will read a few of their articles beforehand, but if you have any other advice, it'll be highly appreciated. Thank
  15. I emailed another person at the department and she told me I'm alright. She also told me the real deadline is 10/1 and she can see my profs are already working on it, and another has just submitted. Thanks
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