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  1. How to explain bad GPA for unrelated BA?

    Keep it quick, I would think. "While I began training for [some stupid job], I soon realized that my best work would be done in anthropology [where you did brilliantly-- right?]..." Some members here have been on adcoms and might have more to say about the best format.
  2. Advice on acceptance

    The professor's advice sounds as reasonable as anything.
  3. Worth mentioning a 3.47 gpa?

    You will be sending your transcripts, so GPA will be in their hands anyway. Probably the best thing, rather than dwelling on the negative in your various personal statements, is to have a recommender mention the problem(s), how you're a good student when you don't have to deal with them, that you are in successful recovery, etc.
  4. Do Classics PhD programs care where one goes to undergrad?

    By now there can't be more than a few dozen classicists nationwide-- won't they all know each other and be able to evaluate you through word of mouth? (/JK) This isn't going to be like sorting out budding economists or computer scientists. That said, if you're thought to have gone to the one school that really sucks at teaching Latin and Greek, the knives will be out. So maybe ask around a good graduate department to see what they know or think they know.
  5. Will I be too old to start a PhD?

    There seem to be two kinds of PhDs-- those hotshots who go straight in after undergrad (to whom you're comparing yourself), and everyone else. Don't worry about people whose experience you will never have; just do what you need/want to do for yourself right now. As far as being 30 or so when you're done, I have no idea what that will mean for the job you want. But you'll hardly be the oldest person fighting for it. Oh, and I'm more than twice your age. Matriculated last weekend.
  6. Tips of academic writing

    Through all of this, simplicity has real value. I'm in the process of reviewing a book based on a new PhD's dissertation, and I found it so convoluted that it was impossible to read, even though it had clearly had a lot of good research go into it. In desperation, I pulled a copy of the dissertation, and by comparison that was as clear as water. Why the author (or editor) decided to twist everything up to make it attractive to the public, I will never know. It totally destroyed the value of the research.
  7. teaching very religious students who like acronyms

    Give them some readings published by the Cambridge University New Testament Society.
  8. Tips for transferring to another PhD program?

    In the meantime-- noise-cancelling headphones.
  9. No idea. The last time I applied for a job, it was out of business school, where someone had to read my resume (and what I chose to put on it). There would also have been calls to faculty members before the interview list was drawn up.
  10. You must have a departmental GPA for your major. Sounds like that will be a lot higher. In any case, are there faculty or employer contacts that can get you past someone's software filter?
  11. Your transcript will be part of the package, so the trend will be obvious to anyone who looks. You might persuade your referees to make a brief mention of the earlier years their letters: that what they know of you is very good, now that you've come through a difficult period, etc. If you need some more confidence, take a non-degree course or two somewhere else after graduation and blow those out of the water, just to convince the skeptical that you're on a good track. Good luck. One of the worst parts of depression is believing that you'll never escape. Not true! Sounds like you already have, so take pride in your achievements.
  12. Suicide to do two internships at once?

    Just make sure they aren't both i-banks with 90-hour weeks! As for the rest-- balance skills and contacts acquired with resume suck that will look good to someone who knows nothing. Make sure that you can leave each job behind when you're out the door. Otherwise the stress will kill you. Will alternating days deliver relief, or deep confusion?
  13. Stuck writing Masters Thesis

    As a historian, I might be biased, but... isn't the question still relevant?
  14. Big schools or smaller schools?

    At some point, an organization gets so large that it becomes a collection of small ones. That can be good or bad.
  15. HKS 2018

    I had a classmate at Yale SOM who was in the same boat for a few years. (SOM was a little weirder then, so she really didn't want any other business school.) I don't know what caused admissions to cave in and admit her. For something like HKS, which is sort of analogous, I would suspect that if your grades and scores are over some minimum, you may either have irrelevant or insufficient experience-- OR, more likely, you haven't figured out how to sell it and yourself as a good fit for whatever you would do at HKS.