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  1. Hello, yes I can transfer because the department allows students doing so. But I feel like it is hard for me to tell my professor that I decide to leave the lab because I am not interested in the project/program anymore. My professor wants me to make sure I would like to stay for Ph.D. before accepting the research position. So I think once I accept the position, it means I have made the commitment and need to stay in my school during the entire MS/ Ph.D. duration.
  2. Hello, thank you so much! I read the parables and now have a better understanding of the role of research advisors. I did talk to the students in the program as some of my research fellows are in there. According to the information from them, our school allows students to quit after finishing MS if they decide to, and it is not hard to do so at all. However, since my professor asks me to promise staying for Ph.D.study before I can be a research assistant in the lab, I think I have the responsibility to stay if I make this promise. That's why I was thinking about not to make the promise and therefore not to take the research position. Thank you very much for the parables, because I do need to consider the importance of a good advisor.
  3. Thank you so much for your answer! I would like to clarify some of my situations if you don't mind. As I said before, I am interested in systems optimization, signal processing, and wireless communication. I had some research experience in these areas. I am pretty sure I would like to devote myself in these areas. However, I feel like my knowledge is not enough to decide which area I am particularly interested in as these areas are vague. I need to make a decision on if I would like to stick to a project for 5 years, which make me feel a lot of pressure. And that's one of the reasons why I don't know how to make decisions. Also, it's my mistake to use the word "reputation" here. But when I said reputation, what I mean is that I actually do research and these schools do have a lot of good researchers and professors in these fields. For example, MIT has some great professors researching information theory and signal processing. I read some of those papers during my undergrad study, and that's when I set MIT as my dream school. If I am hundred percent sure my professor's interest will match my future interest, I'll choose my professor for sure without any hesitation. Thank you again for your answer. It makes me think deeper.
  4. Thank you for your answer! Sadly the answer is no. I am not able to change if I agree to be my professor's research assistant. As an undergrad, I haven't decided my specific research interest. My professor would give me some time to decide. I do a lot of research but still am a little bit afraid of making decisions for 2-year future.
  5. Hello, Sorry for bothering you guys with questions but my question this time might be a little bit complicated. I was admitted to systems, networks and communication track at a top 10 EE program (graduate school ranking). Also, the program I am admitted to is MS/PhD bound program. My professor would like to be my research advisor if I choose to stay for Ph.D. The professor is one of the top professors in the wireless communication area. However, I am not sure what will be my specific interest for Ph.D. study yet. I am interested in system optimization, wireless communication and signal processing as an undergrad research assistant, but I prefer to learn more about the area and decide what I will devote to for my Ph.D. study later. Also, I am planning to apply for a better school(MIT, Standford, UC Berkeley, and Caltech) after learning more as a graduate student, because these schools have a better reputation in wireless communication, systems, signal processing as well as the whole EE area. However, I feel hesitate to do so since I don't want to miss out such a good professor. Moreover, MIT is my dream school and I feel really upset whenever I think about that I might never have a chance to be an MIT student if I choose to stay in my school. I feel like the thoughts I have now are immature and not like an adult. But I really don't know what I should choose and hope you might want to give me some advice. Thank you so much for your time.
  6. Thank you so much for your answer! I also checked the MIT website, and get the same conclusion with you. I felt a little bit upset when I heard the news, but now I know I can still keep MIT as my dream school
  7. Hello, I was admitted to EE MS/ Ph.D. program (Systems track, information theory, system control etc. ) of a good university. However, I would prefer to quit after finishing MS degree, and apply to MIT & Stanford's Ph.D. I talked to my professor, and my professor told me that it will be harder to get admitted with a master degree. Also, I was told that it is impossible to be admitted by MIT after finishing masters. I think it might be because MIT prefers to admitted students from undergrad so that they could cultivate students from the beginning to the end. However, I would still like to ask if my chance would be really small to get admitted with a master degree? Does it worth a try? Thank you so much for your time!
  8. @Sigaba Yes I agree. So maybe I should rephrase my question cuz when I say "positive letters" and "they know me well", what I meant is they can write honest letters, and those letters will have positive impact to my application.
  9. @Sigaba Because the four referees know me well. That's why I am sure they would like to write me positive letters. Maybe my expression is wrong when I say "make sure". I should say "I think they can provide positive letters. "
  10. Hello! I am applying MIT for graduate study. In the application form, applicants can provide more than three reference letters. Should I submit four referees if I can make sure all four rec letters are positive? I read an article which was written in 2009, and in the article the author said admission committees would not spend time to read all the letters if the applicant submitted more than three. Mostly, they would choose three and read. I was wondering if it is the truth. And I appreciate it if you could give me some suggestions on what I should do. Thank you guys for spending time to read my question.
  11. i am applying MIT for Fall 2018, and I am planning to submit two applications to two different programs at the same time. However, on the online application form, it ask to indicate all the programs I am applying to in MIT. That's why I feel a little bit worried even though it says "Applying more than one program is allowed" on the admissions FAQ page. I feel like "is allowed" doesn't mean "have no negative effect to applications". Will the admission committees on both program consider me as lacking loyalty or something? Thank you guys for taking time to read my question.
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