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  1. Anyone attending Columbia for the Biomedical Sciences PhD? Would love to start connecting!
  2. Hey guys! I ended up committing to Columbia. I got many messages asking about how I managed to get into these schools as an international etc. This was my first time applying and I got lucky, but to those who did not get in anywhere, you'll get in next year! Absolutely everything happens for a reason, and you'll end up where you're meant to be, which will be a great place for sure. If this is what you want to do, don't EVER give up. YOU GOT THIS! If anyone wants to contact me, please feel free. I am not an expert by any means, but I did get into 4 pretty good schools for my PhD in Biomedical S
  3. Hey guys! I need your help! I got into both Columbia and Duke and I am trying to make a decision here. I am still waiting to hear from other schools that I have interviewed at, but the final decision will be between Duke and Columbia. I am leaning a little bit more towards Columbia, but I would like to know your opinion! Thank you so much.
  4. How long does it usually take to hear back from Columbia? Anyone knows? Has anyone heard back? Biomedical sciences program.
  5. Hey! Sorry to let you know that UMich has sent out all its offers (from what I've heard). I would check your online portal. UMich is NOT international friendly AT ALL (because it is a public school and we are not funded). I heard back from PIBS the same week I interviewed there. Was rejected post-interview because they only took one international (I have been working here for over a year and had recommendation letters from Umich PI's).
  6. Princeton University Computer Science, PhD (F19) Rejected via E-mail on 1 Feb 2019 I 25 Feb 2019 Was my safe school To anyone that gets a rejection from an Ivy League and says it was his/her safety school: we could never, in a million years, be friends.
  7. This post-interview wait is the worst I swear!!!!!!
  8. I got in!!!!!!!! Got my acceptance letter yesterday!!! I'm over the moon! So, so SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!
  9. Congrats! I know some people from my cohort that have heard back already, I haven't yet so I am starting to get a little nervous
  10. Hi! They're probably waiting to send offers (unless it's an amazing fit for the school/program) until the last round of interviews is finished -- which is Feb 28 - March 2nd (I'm interviewing that weekend)
  11. University Of Pittsburgh English, PhD (F19) Rejected via E-mail on 8 Feb 2019 ♦ I 8 Feb 2019 report spam I was disappointed till I saw the bottle of red wine next to me. Whats in academia? I have a very established career as an alcoholic anyway
  12. I will sacrifice a goat if you want me to HAHAHAHA whoever you are, can we be friends University Of Chicago Physics, PhD (F19) Rejected via E-mail on 7 Feb 2019 ♦ U 8 Feb 2019 Applied for both astrophysics and physics. Fingers crossed I get astro? UChicago I will sacrifice a goat if you want me to.
  13. Hello! Anybody interviewing with Duke soon for pharmacology? Also, has anybody interviewed with Weill Cornell Pharmacology? Thanks!
  14. I know!! I wish I felt as I was overqualified for Princeton lol
  15. Princeton University Sociocultural Anthropology, PhD (F19) Rejected via E-mail on 4 Feb 2019 A 4 Feb 2019 report spam Generic rejection. I’m overqualified for your mediocre ass institution. Who the fu** wants to live in New Jersey anyway? not salty at all!
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