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  1. ondrejba

    MIT EECS 2019

    still waiting
  2. ondrejba

    MIT EECS 2019

    I also left it blank. The funding should be guaranteed upon acceptance.
  3. ondrejba

    MIT EECS 2019

    applied to CS ?
  4. I think following up after a couple of days is completely fine. You don't even have to wait a whole week.
  5. ondrejba

    Updating publications status.

    To answer my own question, some schools allow you to update your application even after deadline (e.g. CMU, Columbia and MIT). CMU even writes that you should update your application when you get a paper accepted in their FAQ.
  6. Hi everyone! Do you think it's worth it to email the programs I applied to about my paper being accepted to a conference (it was under review when I applied)? It's my first paper, so it could make a difference, but I'm not sure if the information would even reach the professors. Thanks.

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