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  1. Thanks for your suggestions! Currently my major concern is about employability, as my fiance is in UCSB doing his PhD in CS, and I plan to join him after I graduate... So I was wondering would SFU have any advantage/disadvantage compared with McGill, when it comes to job seeking on the west coast (assuming the performance at school -- GPA to be exact-- to be similar)? Also I was wondering if anyone might know about the employment situation in Vancouver/Toronto? Like, which one would be more intern-friendly when talking about being a software engineer? Thanks a lot!
  2. Well, the decision deadline is coming really soon but I'm still hesitating... I currently have 2 offers, one from School of Information Studies, McGill, and the other from Interactive arts and Technology, Simon Fraser University. Both have supervisors appointed. More details are listed below. A. McGill Information Studies: Supervisor: Karyn Moffatt, Canadian research chair, https://scholar.google.com.hk/citations?user=FYdnVc0AAAAJ&hl=zh-CN&oi=ao Human Computer Interaction/Accessibility/Design for Older Adults citation 968, h-index 15 Advantages: a. Well, the main advantage is, McGill is McGill... I've been there as an intern, and I love the life there. Also I suppose the reputation is better? After all it's the 1st tier school in Canada... b. It's a non thesis, project based programme, somewhere halfway between the industry and the academia. After the project I spent a whole 6 months on had a horrible clash with MSR and went unpublishable, I don't really think I want to step into the academia now... I'm always the engineer and I just enjoy the process crafting things to solve the problem, but not coming up with a question... c. Course options for cs related courses, e.g.Database, Information Retrieval, Data Mining, etc... It seems a bit easier to land in a job taking this programme. (My favourite is hardware prototyping, which is what Wolfgang wants me to do... but job chances are more limited doing what I love Disadvantages: a. Soooo little funding. I only received a 4750 CAD entering award, and nothing else. I have enough savings to pay the tuition and all living expenses, but I have to admit I felt a bit hesitant if I should really spend all my savings for the last 5 years on that... b. Karyn is the more "hands off" sort of guy. Bringing up my own ideas is not such an enjoyable process to me, so I don't think I really fit her workstyle... B. Wolfgang Stuerzlinger https://scholar.google.com.hk/citations?user=78KBaPsAAAAJ&hl=zh-CN&oi=ao 3D User Interfaces, Immersive Analytics, Virtual Reality, Human-Computer Interaction citation 5887, h index 40 Advantages: a. Ohhhhhh seriously, he's almost perfect, except for my love for McGill. Many of our ideas regarding research fits perfectly, like, either submitting to the best conference or don't submit it at all. He did have a relatively mature topic for me to work on once I start my master study, and it's about haptics, something I love but seldom have a chance to get my hands on. Also, he is, relatively speaking, a little bit pushy, which is something I think I do need (someone to be there kickin' my butt, lol b. SFU SIAT has a good reputation in HCI research... But I don't know if that, too, applies when coming to the industry. c. A scholarship of 22k CAD each year, 6k CAD of entering award, and a separate funding for the project I'm going to work on.(Whereas Karyn said, most of the students didn't do what they wrote on their research proposal in the end, so I guess she might not consider my idea to be good enough Disadvantages: Well the main problem is the reputation... Would there be situations like, McGill is in the target school list whilst SFU isn't, especially in terms of joining large corporates, i.e. Google, Microsoft, etc? Would the better supervisor overweigh the reputation gap between a tier 2 university and one of the best? Hope to hear from you guys, thx!!!
  3. Hey guys, Anyone's got news from McGill Music Tech??? Well, earlier on 13 Feb I received an email from the music school saying that they have recommended me to the 19 fall MA Music Tech program. I've been waiting anxiously since then... Now that 2 weeks have passed, still, no updates come... I read on the forum that there are at least 2 people receiving the 19 fall MA Music Tech offer as early as 19 Feb, so I'm really kind of freaked out on what could have happened... Meanwhile I received an offer from McGill MISt, asking me to make my decision before 10 Mar. Well, it's not a bad option, but I have to admit Music Tech is my first choice... I contacted the school on uApply, but received no reply yet. Any suggestions?
  4. Ahhh thanks So I still have about a whole week to wait...
  5. Oops. It's 22 Feb already, and my status is still in review... Now that there are already 2 results posted on the forum on 19 Feb, I'm a bit freaked out ...
  6. Thanks! I applied to MA in Music Tech (the exact same program they said they recommended me to), but my status in the system is still "In Review"... Well, it's good to know that's a piece of positive news!
  7. Hey guys, I asked the McGill Music School for updates last Thursday, and now received a reply as such... Can't really get what she means. Is this email positive or negative? Does this means I will probably be expecting an offer from them later? Our conversation: H** J* 2019 Feb 07 20:47 EST To whom it may concern, A late Happy Chinese New Year! I hope this email is not bothering you, but I was wondering if you might know when approximately would the admission results be available? Thanks a million Best, H** Administrator 2019 Feb 13 09:37 EST Happy Chinese New Year to you as well, H**! This email is to inform you that the Music Technology Area as recommended you to the MA Music Technology program for Fall 2019. I hope this helps. Best, M*ry D* St*f*n*
  8. Welcome to the team bro... I applied to McGill and Simon Fraser, and no update since 15 Jan... I wrote to my POIs after submitting everything, and they just said stuff like 'I look forward to reading your materials' or 'I'll consider your application alongside a few others', and that's all...
  9. Hey Guys, I applied to the MISt program at McGill Information School... Still anxiously waiting. I checked the forum --- It seems they usually have the admission results released between late Jan. to early Feb.. I also read there's a British guy receiving his/her offer a few days ago. I haven't receive any email from the school yet, and my profile was still "in review". I have been thinking about writing to my POI asking for updates but still hesitating, as she told me she wasn't in the committee. That's all what I now know. Anyone's got any news on this program? Thanks a million!!!
  10. Sounds just like what I've been doing...Super anxious these these days. Especially, according to gradcafe, McGill MISt usually give out their offer at the end of Jan... 29 Jan to 6 Feb or so. Somehow I guess I'm getting rejected. My research proposal, which was based on a paper I published a whole year ago, is more about firmware prototyping... whereas I guess the information school wants someone more software related. I wanted to write to my POI asking for updates, as my RA contract is ending this early April and I need to tell my supervisor if I'm renewing or not, but am still too afraid of being told she's got a better match.
  11. Well I applied to MSc in Human Computer Interaction... I contacted my POIs but neither 2 (Grossman, and Munteanu) replied... I don't think I really have a chance, though. Don't think my profile competitive. GPA 3.86/4(3.91/4 in final year) from an ordinary Univ in China, GRE 161/165/3, Merely a DIS (2nd author), and all 3 LORs came from mainland China/HK. I was a summer intern at McGill in 2017, but Jeremy isn't writing a LOR (He's on sabbatical...)
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