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  1. Hopefully we both will receive great news soon!!! Its just really hard to keep ur head up when all youve heard is bad news so far
  2. I just read through the FAQS and it states that you must have been awarded a bachelors within the last 36 months. I graduated from undergrad in 2017 and i also have a masters so idk if I even qualify
  3. Is it funded? I cant afford to take out any loans unfortunately
  4. Im happy for everyone getting interviews but is there anyone on here who has yet to receive any interview invites? Im starting to feel super down and lost. It sucks man
  5. That’s actually super irritating. Like what does that even mean??? Im sitting here refreshing my email a million times a day praying for that ONE invite and most of these posts are complaining about how they got four interviews so far but havent heard back from X, or Y school and theyre crying about it like???? Tone deaf much??
  6. I LOVE THIS POST LOL!!! I hope its satire taking a jab at the annoying af people on here 😂😂😂 bc if so its a masterpiece. Yall are toxic. Like if youve heard back from multiple schools inviting you for interviews and still “fReAKiNg oUt” please stfu.
  7. Ok we can do that! Im good with both my username on insta is iman.b95 and on snapchat iman_b95 i have my messaging on public so whenever you make a chat add me :)!
  8. Thank you so much for the sources! I appreciate it! I applied to 8 schools already and unfortunately most of them were top tier reach schools (I didn’t pay attention to that when applying- I was more focused on research going on and ability to see myself fitting in certain labs). I really appreciate your suggestions, and hopefully I will hear back from atleast one school with good news and will look into maybe sending out a couple more applications to schools that are still taking apps
  9. What schools would that include? And do they still have unmet deadlines? 🤧 ive actually been trying to figure out what makes a school low/middle tier! Please if you know any schools suggest them to me!
  10. Ive been shy to post my stats because theyre average and not so great but here they are: undergraduate gpa: 2.84 😅 master/graduate gpa: 3.16 (still have one more course to go and im aiming for the A to lift the gpa a bit more) research: 3 projects: two molecular oncology/cancer genetic related and one virology related (genotyping the coronavirus strains infecting a specific population of interest) (collectively 2 years) publications: the two cancer related projects are pending and the virology project I got an acknowledgment in the paper bc i was just involved in the wri
  11. im trying not to tbh but its hard not to... alot rides on me getting into a phd for this fall so im genuinely getting anxious and its unhealthy lol
  12. Thats amazing girl!!! You took of from your own endeavors to be with your mother and now youre being rewarded for that!! Congrats love and I hope your mother is feeling better!!! Good luck on all your interviews no doubt youll get offered acceptances from all of them!
  13. Honestly im starting to give up hope guys.... this is so stressful and tiring. All I want is one invite 😔 congrats to everyone who has heard back with multiple interviews or even got that one! Good luck!
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