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  1. I recently learned that some schools in europe charge local resident fees to non-european residents with an EU passport. This is something else I'm exploring and I could probably get an EU possport. But finding something online and part time in this area of study is proving to be a challenge. If anyone has any leads, please let me know. I'm also trying to find the most affordable options in the US. So far that would be Fort Hays State University. Is this a good school? Anyone know of other schools that would be inexpensive for international students for this sort of program? Not sur
  2. I'm having a tough time finding part time, online bachelor programs in Spanish Studies (a French minor too would be even better). Sorry for posting here, but I don't know where else to search for this needle in a haystack. I'm from Canada and I don't want to pay more in tuition fees than what I'd pay back home for an in-person learning program (which is about $7000 Canadian or $5500 US per year). Unfortunately this program doesn't exist in Canada via online delivery. Does anyone have recommendations for me? This would be an extra degree for pleasure and personal interest only, so I'm
  3. This is an expression. It means that a person who is wise does not tarnish relationships or get on someone's bad side until they know they are strong and mighty, and can basically do it all on their own without any help from others.
  4. Are you ok with giving this info out to only 2 schools? I'd take the next month to decide between these two schools. If you still don't hear back from the others, there is no need to hang on to both offers. Pick one out of these two options and move on. If you pick the school requesting the deposit, pay it and keep waiting on the other 3 schools. Paying the deposit is well worth having the peace of mind that there is a spot waiting for you in the fall. If you pick the school that has no deadline, write an email to them indicating the date you will give your final answer and/or deposit (ma
  5. You can do your own search here: http://www.universitystudy.ca/search-programs/
  6. Look into University of Victoria. I think this might be your only option in Canada.
  7. Your profs do not need to know anything about your private health information. They simply need to know what kind of accommodations you are eligible for and require. You can discuss your accommodations with your doctor and your adviser at the Accessible Learning department and your adviser should be able to give you suggestions if you aren't sure what you might need. The last thing you would want to occur is for a prof with a non-medical background to determine what kind of assistance you require. I make this comment because I've actually heard of this occurring to an undergrad - an Itali
  8. Welcome phd2msw, It's a quiet time of year. You might not get many replies until the fall when a new batch of applicants returns online. But I'll give you my 2 cents. Your work in social justice for aboriginal populations is social work. Your interviewing experience is good too. Some social workers are into clinical stuff and others do stuff like research, policy work, program planning, community education, etc. All of it is social work. So you should definitely write about the experience you mentioned above in your application. You are correct that lots of schools look for more experi
  9. Could you do the PhD at the French school and a post doc at Cambridge? If this is feasible, I'd go this route instead because of the sheer fact that it's a lot of debt. How much total debt would you incur, including cost of living? I would get the full figures and evaluate how much debt you are comfortable taking on before making a decision and figure out the benefits and downsides of studying at each school.
  10. I think it's worth applying to U of T. Your GPA is good enough and your 1 year of experience should meet the minimum standard (although you did not mention your hours. If you only volunteer 2 hrs per week for one year, for instance, your total hours will be much different who does 15 hours/wk). Although, keep in mind that U if T doesn't formally have a minimum number of hours that they are looking for. You get admitted based on your overall application and strength as a candidate If you have excellent references and a strong statement of interest then you might get in. While I don't think
  11. I agree that getting to know your professors will be helpful as you will need to ask for academic references. So doing things like participating in class, talking to profs during office hours about course material, getting an RA position, volunteering for committees, etc would be some great ways to make yourself known in the department. If time allows for it, try to do volunteer work at a place that staffs social workers. You can learn more about your interests in SW (which will help you write a more focused statement of interest) and will have people to get advice from, such as what to put in
  12. I think you need to decide if you are going to work towards getting into a bachelor of science program in nursing or an MPH, then plan the next year accordingly to increase your chances of getting in. Focus on acquiring research experience if you want to go for an MPH and if you want to do a bachelor of science in nursing focus on gaining hands on health care experience working directly with patients in a helping capacity.
  13. Have you considered applying to nursing schools in the US? There are far more schools in the US compared to Canada, with varying levels of competitiveness. ie: 1st tier, 2nd tier, 3rd tier... whereas I don't think we even have 3rd tier in Canada. With so many more choices in the US, there ought to be a BSc. program you could get into. If you attend a 3rd tier university and return to Canada to work, most Canadians don't even know which schools have 2nd and 3rd tier programs, imo, so I don't think it would matter much. (I don't mean academics, they certainly would know, but hospital HR peop
  14. By the sounds of it, if you do not receive funding one month before your program begins, you will get your visa after the semester has begun, which is too late. I think that if you don't hear anything one month before the program start date, you would be wise to go with your preferred choice of attending a local school for your master's and trying to get into a PhD program in the US afterwards.
  15. Can you defer your offer by one year? If you can attend next year instead when it is not an election year, you should get your scholarshipmoney faster, based on what you have said here. It sounds like a busy and stressful time in your life. Perhaps you could use this upcoming year to adjust to your new life with your husband, save more money and give yourself plenty of time to apply to more scholarships next year. Best of luck!
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