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  1. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has any insight to share as to what would be the best way to establish a credit history with the US financial institutions so that I can get a credit card? If you open an account with a bank that also issues credit cards, do they normally give you a credit card with a low limit as long as you keep a specific balance in your bank account or something? Appreciate any tips or suggestions. Thanks.
  2. I got accepted to the industrial engineering M.S. programs at both Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT) and Rutgers University (RU), New Brunswick and I am looking to move to be near one of these school. (I assume that most classes at RU would take place at the Busch Campus in Piscataway.) I want to stay off-campus in a surrounding neighborhood, hopefully within 3 miles of campus. If I have to go by neighborhoods alone, which universities would offer better personal and home safety? I am not looking for the cheapest suggestion, as I am willing to pay a bit more for the comfort of safet
  3. I currently have 2 offers for an M.S. without financial aid (Fall 17) and I am waiting to hear the results from 3 more schools. My situation is - School A gave me a 1-month deadline from the offer date to make a decision, and if I say yes then I have to pay a deposit. After that, I will need to send a copy of my passport along with the financial docs for them to issue my I-20. - School B said I have been recommended for admission, and the next step is for me to mail in a copy of passports and financial docs for them. Then my I-20 will arrive with the official acceptance packet. They
  4. Hi guys. I have a question about deferring admission that probably has been asked so many times already, so I want to apologize in advance. I just feel that my situation has a slightly different angle and would like some advice. Let's just say I am a B candidate. Not an A+, not a C-, but somewhere in the middle. I have been applying to many M.S. programs at B's and C's schools for next Fall semester. Then the "D" school came along inviting me to apply to their M.S. program with a fee waiver (thanks to the annoying GRE Search Service). But this program is for a different term, i.e., Sprin
  5. I will be taking a TOEFL for the first time and I am now finding out that the four free score reports have to be designated before the test day. I have heard conflicting info regarding whether or not you will see the complete TOEFL scores at the end of the test. ETS only mentioned on the website that you would have the opportunity to cancel the scores at the end of the test including that your score would be available to view online after 10 days. So my question is ... At the end of the TOEFL test before you decide to send or cancel the scores, do you get to see (1) all 4 sub-scores, i.
  6. First off, let me just say that this is a hypothetical question. I am curious to know if anyone has ever rescinded their accepted offer from grad school and are there any negative ramifications associated with doing so? I am just wondering because I see that some schools can make an offer for admission as early as December but I don't really know how much time they give you to respond. What if you accept an offer too early and you have a change of heart later on in April when you also get accepted by your dream school? I can see that it will reflect poorly if one chooses to rescind an of
  7. Hi everyone, I am applying to Ph.D. program for Fall 2017 start and I am planning to make a few visits to universities and profs between now until then. My hope really is that I could make a few connections with profs in the lab that I want to work in. The application process will open in September 2016 and will close around December 2016. In your opinion, is it considered more opportune to visit schools before or after submitting the application? Are there certain times of the year (months or semesters) that are more conducive? I have seen the open house of some programs are scheduled
  8. Hi guys, My background is chemical engineering. I did my M.Sc. right after my B.Sc., and I have been working in the industry for about 10 years since. I have had 4 jobs altogether. All of them are related to engineering, but they are not exactly relevant to what I want to do for a PhD. For example, I have done a lot of process engineering, process simulation, equipment design and sizing, hydraulic calculations, etc., etc. These jobs all require chemical engineering as a foundation, but they don't qualify as a full-time research experience. So I feel that the work experience is not exact
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