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  1. I went to a catholic school for my undergrad degree (Notre Dame's sister school) and I'm not catholic (nor am I particularly religious). I had no real problems with it, and I suspect as a graduate student it would be even less of an issue. You see people going to mass, but that's about all. It was never forced on me. Notre Dame's administration operates in keeping with a catholic code of morals, so I found some of their policies a little outmoded and not very open-minded; however, a good percentage of the students actively rebel against traditional Catholic values by doing stuff like wearing "Gay? Fine by me." tshirts and other such things. My brother is doing his undergrad work at ND right now and he's a self-proclaimed atheist (or was a couple years ago, anyways; I haven't talked to him about it in awhile and he's not very vocal about it)...and he completely loves it there. I know you want an in-depth answer but I'm not really sure what to say. If you have more specific concerns about it, I could try to address them. Also my experience was as an undergraduate not as a grad student, so I don't know.
  2. Hey, I hope you're hanging in there... I just wanted to say that I just finished the whole application process to PhD programs in English this spring. I was a nervous wreck too... but I survived! Try not to worry too much... I think once you've done the best you can, a lot of it is really beyond your control and you just have to hope for the best. I'm not doing medieval lit (I'm in 20th century lit, with an interdisciplinary focus), but if there's anything I can do or advice I can give you regarding the whole application process in English feel free to drop me a line. So many people on this forum and over in applyingtograd kept me from losing my mind this past fall/spring that I'm really anxious to return the favor and help as many people as possible ) Also, you've said you applied once and feel like you have a better idea of what to do now... that was definitely the case for me, too. When I applied to MA programs, I was basically going in blind and ended up somewhere sort of mediocre at best... but after my MA I felt like I had a much better idea of what to do (or NOT to do, as the case may be) in my application packets. My instincts about what I'd done "wrong" the first time around and how I needed to correct it seemed to be, for the most part, correct. Good luck!
  3. I think we've been taken over by keylogging, cash-advancing robots. argh.
  4. So, I'm headed to a great program with an assistantship. However, they're on the quarters system and i won't receive my first paycheck until October 31. Is it just me or is this a really long time to go without a paycheck??? At my MA institution I didn't get paid until September 15, but we'd get two checks that month (the 15th and the 30th). The first time I moved here I came on Aug 15 and just lasting a MONTH until that first paycheck was rough. At my new school, they expect me to show up mid-August again for a repeat of TA-training, so I'm going to be there more than 2 months without any income aside from a very small stipend for the TA training. Geez. I started saving a little, but my last paycheck just came in this past Friday and I'm starting to freak out a bit now. I have a job over the summer, and a free place to stay for 2 months, but the job's not going to pay a whole lot. I'm a bit concerned.
  5. Ugh. That sucks. I recently locked my Livejournal to friends-only because I had some privacy issues with it. Hopefully if it's locked it's safe. Facebook is another one I've heard that some employers have started to look at. Of course to view any facebook profiles they have to have someone who has an account through an institution, but for academic jobs of course this is no problem. I locked my Facebook so faculty/staff can't view my profile, but who knows if that even does any good.
  6. It's official... I'm coming to OSU!
  7. Okay, so there's a good chance I might be coming to OSU for my Ph.D.... can anyone give me a clearer idea of where exactly "Short North" and "Clintonville" are? Are there street names that designate these areas, or are those street names themselves? What side (north, south, east, west) of the city are these areas in, and where is OSU in relation to them? Probably preliminary I know, but I'd like to have a sense of where I might be living if I go there.
  8. I'm admitted at OSU (off the waitlist too)! Yay! However; a dilemma. I posted about this over on applying_to_grad, but I'm going to post here too. I'm supposed to find out Monday if Notre Dame has an offer for me, and it sounds like there's a very good chance that they do. I'm also supposed to find out Monday if Syracuse has funding for me or not, and Monday is the day PSU might allegedly be making a second round of offers. OSU wants my decision Monday and they won't be flexible about that. I'm going to have to make the quickest set of decisions ever. I know I'd love both Syracuse and PSU, but when it comes to OSU and ND, I can't decide which I'd rather go to. I need to have these programs prioritized in my mind by Monday. Advice, anyone? If it came down to OSU and Notre Dame, which would YOU choose? I'm having trouble getting perspective because I'm from the ND area and I went to their sister school for my undergrad, and I'm not sure if the "rest of the world" thinks ND is a great name, or if it's just the little culture I grew up in. And I know OSU's English department is amazingly ranked. I'm studying early 20th century literature, mostly Dreiser and naturalism. I want to do some transatlantic studies, too. I know ND has a great Irish studies and would be all about Joyce, but I'm not really a big Joyce fan... (I loooove Lawrence instead.)
  9. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!!! I'm the happiest for you ever This is such good news.
  10. Yeah, they've already made TAship and RAship offers too. I have to wait for the first round of students to reject offers and then see if I'm lucky enough to get one of those. They've told me to sit by the phone on April 17. Really sucks not being amongst their first choices, but at least they admitted me and there's still a chance... In other news, is this normal?? Not knowing what's going on yet on April 8, that is. Does this make me us some kind of second-class grad applicants? It seems like a lot of people had their deals sealed way back in March, at a time I hadn't even had any offers and/or info yet on anything. I only applied to one Ivy, but most of the other programs I applied to were top 20 or 30 programs in my field... I know I shouldn't judge my worth by this process, but it's so hard to detach it from myself... and this is the second time I've had no clue what was going on and where I was going to end up until well into April.
  11. I'm still waiting, too. I'm in English. I've had 2 acceptances, but I'm waiting to hear about funding. Can't go without funding. Waitlisted at two places. And i've heard nothing from 3 other programs (2 of which are probably rejections; the other I still have a glimmer of hope). It IS dangerously close to the deadline. I didn't want it to play out this way, this time around. When choosing my masters program I ended up making lots of decisions the day of the deadline. This is so stressful.
  12. Oops... sorry for my delay.. I've been really wrapped up in work so I haven't been checking the forum as much as before... Unfortunately I'm not going to be a lot of help on your specific questions. I haven't heard of Riverside North. The city isn't super biking/walking friendly; in some areas there are no sidewalks, and if you want to go from, say, Notre Dame campus to the shopping area on Grape Road, there are no sidewalks on or near Grape Road. I can't speak much for public transportation; my mom has always been very fearful of it so I tended to avoid it. I know in some areas of town the system is rather unsafe, but the bus that runs from ND's campus to downtown or ND's campus to other places may be better than other areas. ND/Saint Mary's/Holy Cross also has a shuttle between campuses and around the parts of ND's campus which can be nice if you need to get from one side of campus to the other, although it only makes a few stops (grad housing, Library, Debartolo, and possibly Bookstore I think.) A lot of students bike around campus; my brother uses his bike there constantly to get from his dorm to class, the library, and his gf's dorm. It's off-campus where things are much more car-friendly. I'm not sure about parking but I believe there's a visitor's lot over by the stadium (south of the stadium) in which you can park without a permit. Also, there's a smallish visitor's lot on the east side of Juniper, across from the Library and beyond the faculty/reserved lot. However, they may have closed Juniper or made other construction-related changes since I was there last. Hope this helps... sorry I can't offer more knowledge about your specific concerns!
  13. I emailed yesterday to ask and was told that I've moved up to second. (I was 4th before.) The grad director seems to think it's nearly a sure bet that I'll get in, as he said I would "certainly be admitted well before April 17" based on past years, and he said he'd send funding info my way as soon as I was in. Sigh of relief on my part there... I still don't have any "sure bets" yet with funding. Granted this still isn't a sure bet either, but he used the word "certainly." heh. Also, the final date for OSU people to notify is April 17, fyi. I asked just to make sure it wasn't the 14th (since some people are moving the date because of the weekend and I am expecting to hear about another offer on the day of the 17th.) How was the visit? What were your impressions? Were people friendly?
  14. Mildly reassured by the fact that the rare acceptance to somewhere good is still trickling in... There hasn't been much news lately on the results page, but about half of it's been good news of waitlistings and acceptances from BIG programs where I thought the game was pretty much over (ie. Delaware and Mass-Amherst)... so maybe all hope isn't lost for my last 3...although, it IS virtually April now... maybe I'm being unrealistic :? I'm still waiting on a funding offer from a school I got admitted to and really want to attend. I probably wrote about this before, but they've told me I'm essentially waitlisted for funding... they only made 4 funding offers to PhD students and those people have til April 17 to decline, at which point I might get an offer. Do you guys think it's tactless/inappropriate to contact the department to ask how far down the funding waitlist I am? I mean, I don't want to seem like I'm grovelling for money and have no dignity, but if I'm 3rd or 4th or below there's a pretty good chance I'll not be getting an offer, and I'd kind of like to know... I already called once about a week and a half ago, though, to find out the fact that I was waitlisted for funds in the first place and I don't want to be annoying...
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