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    Alaskan ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams, invasive species, teaching, outreach, climate change, carbon cycling, nutrients,food web
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  1. SwelSeal

    Writing recommendation letters for students?

    I would ask your advisor for advice. I'm nervous about the same sort of situation.
  2. SwelSeal

    Being the only one not on a fellowhsip

    Yeah, that blows, man. The internal fellowships are easy to get, but I don't think anyone would judge you for not getting one. If there is a fire under your ass, like there would be with me, I would apply for some external fellowships and grants. Take those negative emotions and stick it to someone by exceeding their expectations. Nothing would be sweeter than getting a national fellowship and dancing around in the pile of money you earned.
  3. SwelSeal

    Anybody else applying to a PhD straight out of undergrad?

    I just started my PhD right out of undergrad. I do think that those who have done a masters are slightly ahead, but only by a little. People say the difference evens out after the first couple years. But I have some advice for applications. Look at the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program. If you're competitive and have good advisors now, I would try to apply now (it's due the week of Oct 22), and if you don't get it, you can apply again once you're in a program. Best of luck!
  4. SwelSeal

    Notre Dame 2018

    I've heard really good things about Village Terre from my lab manager, who's from South Bend. Another person suggested it as a great budget place near campus.
  5. SwelSeal

    South Bend, IN (Notre Dame)

    I just moved up. If any grad student is thinking of living at Hickory Village, don't. I haven't even completely unpacked and found a roach.
  6. SwelSeal

    Spokane, WA

    Spokane is a nice city. It's hard to get around without a car. It's in Eastern WA, so it's pretty dry, and it has all four seasons. There is a ton of beautiful hiking, if you can get yourself off campus. There are a couple of colleges there.

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