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  1. I'm the editorial assistant for a journal and handle all of the tasks of removing an author's name from an article and sending articles to reviewers. I sent one a few weeks ago to a reviewer after I had "scrubbed" it of all traces of the author's name (including removing the author's identifying information in the properties tab on Word docs). I sent it to the reviewer, got his review back a bit later, and sent it off to the editors. After getting both reviews back, I sent the author a revise and resubmit request based on the reviewers' feedback per the editors' wishes. The only problem is that I realized that in the original article I sent to the reviewer, I missed one place where the author's name was left intact. I emailed the reviewer once I realized this, who said that he has his suspicions of who it might be based on the fact that he is an outside reader for a dissertation on the topic, but that he did not in fact see the author's name left in the article. He is someone in the field who can be trusted (and is actually a clergyman in addition to his academic appointment) so I don't have any qualms about whether or not he's telling the truth. I 100% think that the integrity of the review process was upheld. My only question is: Is my mishap something I should tell the editors? I can't think of anything that would come of them knowing since A) the reviewer did not see the identifying information at all and B) the article is already progressing through the process and can't really be retracted now.
  2. plugandsocket

    Need help/advice

    Perhaps posting under the "The Arts" board on gradcafe would be the best place to ask this
  3. plugandsocket

    South Bend, IN (Notre Dame)

    I will PM you!
  4. plugandsocket

    Notre Dame 2018

    Current ND student here. Happy to field questions from any incoming students.
  5. plugandsocket

    Strike Imminent: University of Illinois

    Just curious: For those of you who cancelled classes during the strike, how did your students respond once you got back to class this week?
  6. plugandsocket

    Hopelessly torn: Ace Advisor vs Happiness?

    I agree that all of this is basically moot since you've only been accepted to one of these schools. But in the event that you get into both and this actually becomes a decision (and for the benefit of other people in similar situations who read this now or in the future), I will offer you a different perspective, if I may: I'd go with the bigger name advisor at Arizona that can offer you more career-wise, since she seems like a decent person that you could envision working with. A lot of the personality-wise issues that you label as drawbacks at Arizona are things that you really can't tell, fully, in a prospective visit weekend. They take time to figure out. I say that, of course, as someone who both attended my own visit weekend and then learned what the department culture is really like after being a student for a few years, and as someone who has hosted prospectives when they come up since then. The following isn't meant to sound harsh, and it certainly isn't mean to condone hazing or ill treatment of new grad students, but FWIW: I'm guessing that current students there told you about struggles with getting their students engaged. But as a TA at an elite private R1, I can tell you that my colleagues and I similarly complain about this very issue on a regular basis. It's a struggle (almost) everywhere. I wasn't there, of course, and everyone experiences things differently, but I get the sense you may be jumping the gun in deciding that there's "not much community among grad students" and that "people didn't seem particularly excited, friendly, or enthusiastic about what they do." When prospectives come up to visit us, we try to be friendly and welcoming, but there also can be somewhat of a (for better or worse) distance that older students keep from prospectives (and first years). It's not an attempt to be rude or unwelcoming; rather, the type of camaraderie that exists between people in the same cohort or among older students takes time to build. For example, when I visited my current institution as a prospective student, I attended a talk with an older grad student and then later she was going to take me to another event. After the lecture was over, she said, "I'm going to go talk to some people over there for awhile, but I'll meet you at X location at 5:15." Would it have been great if she had said, "Come with me and I'll introduce you around?" Sure, but I also understood that that's not how some people operate. And it was fine. So if people seemed "low key" or not tripping over themselves to meet you, don't take it personally. You describe yourself as "gregarious and excitable." It may have been that you have a different personality than many of the students you met. Some older grad students can also self impose distance from what they perceive as over eager prospectives or first years (not saying that you are, of course, having never met you. Just saying that some older grad students take that approach if they perceive that to be the case). So it could be that there is a thriving grad community there of people very much excited about their work, but for a myriad of different reasons, you didn't see it. That's ok. It can develop over time as you get to know people in whatever school you choose. I wish you all the best.
  7. plugandsocket

    South Bend, IN (Notre Dame)

    Hmmm...I've never been there or known anyone who's lived there. I looked to see if I could pictures of the inside online too, but could only find ones of the outside. Based on those pictures, I'd guess the interiors are pretty dingy/old/run down. Another apt complex I forgot to mention that's walking distance to campus is Campus Court. I hear it's pretty affordable!
  8. plugandsocket

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    Peach Rings
  9. plugandsocket

    If I knew then what I know now...

    To revive this thread: I wish I had known to narrow down the 6-7 best people to work with in my field and only applied there rather than applying to 16 schools, many of which would not have made me competitive on the job market.
  10. plugandsocket

    Post April 15 PhD FOMO

    Just out of curiosity, OP, how did things turn out?
  11. plugandsocket

    South Bend, IN (Notre Dame)

    Hi, welcome to ND! Congrats on your admission! As for apartments, on campus grad student housing includes Fisher and O'Hara Grace (though that one is getting torn down...next year? Or the next?) Some technically "off campus" but within walking distance include The Overlook (pricey), The Foundry (also pricey), Stadium Club Apts, Village Terre. If you have a car/are willing to get a bit farther from campus: Riverside North, University Park, Runaway Bay Rentals, Williamsburg on the Lake Let me know if I can answer any more questions! Again, welcome!
  12. plugandsocket

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    If you makes you feel any better (misery loves company, right?), you're not the only one who did that today. My students definitely saw me with the "no makeup look" since what was there had definitely been washed off during the waterworks. Sending good thoughts your way. Grad school sucks sometimes.
  13. Was looking through old threads and am reviving this one to say I second all of the above re: coursework and academic writing. To anyone reading this with the same question, I'd say that it probably won't be as big of a deal as you think in everyday normal conversation. UK people in our program blend in just fine, even if we do like to tease them about the occasional phrase here and there
  14. plugandsocket

    South Bend, IN (Notre Dame)

    This year, yes it does. Next year, my apt complex will be charging for heating/AC on top of that. But everything else is included. And yes, absolutely! Feel free to get in touch!

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