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  1. These scams are a mess. They advertise themselves to freelance writers, editors, or tutors -- guaranteed work, especially if you're good. And instead of helping someone polish a paper, you get the topic, page requirement, and a deadline -- completed papers only. It's BS. I'll stick with actual tutoring and editing.
  2. I'm still playing the "finding housing" game. It's a fun, fun time.
  3. And Denver wins! See y'all this summer
  4. WriteAndKnit

    Seattle, WA

    Unfortunately for Seattle, I'll be headed to Denver I'm waiting for instructions to remove myself from the waitlist, so anyone else who's waiting has an easier time.
  5. Sure! My roommate wouldn't mind a couple, but since he owns the place he already claimed the master. However, there's a really good complex not far from campus -- I'll send you a pm
  6. Hi y'all! I'm still waiting for definite results, but I'm hoping for DU. Denver is my kind of city.
  7. If you're okay with renting from a homeowner, my current room will be open in June. (This is open to anyone looking for housing in Raleigh, really.) A few miles from campus, reasonable bus ride, roommate/homeowner rents one of the three rooms (plus bathroom), lives in the other room, and the third bedroom is a guest room. Rent is very reasonable -- less than most of the student apartments. Nice, usually quiet neighborhood (mix of retirees and families). Roommate has a cat, and my/your room can be fully furnished.
  8. I had a skype interview with my other top choice (University of Denver) on Friday. Still waiting for definite responses from both.
  9. I had mine yesterday. A few days prior I asked my roommate, who'd also had a skype interview with a graduate program, for any tips; he said that the best approach is to know what you want to say in response to common questions (like "tell me about your experiences with diversity") and to have specific examples for others ("why this university", describing experience with specific program related tasks). And not to sit in a rocking chair and rock while using a tablet Personally, I made sure I looked business-casual from the waist up; simple blouse, neat hair, minimalist makeup (even if you're not a makeup person, a quick tinted moisturizer/foundation evens everything out -- and the camera WILL pick up on any unevenness). Don't eat or drink or chew gum. And, if you're at home and your cat demands a quick petting, apologize for going out of frame to pet said cat.
  10. Here's the waitlist crowd! UDub doesn't disclose waitlist ranking (they said as much in the notification e-mail), but I'm one of 38. I'm sending a "thanks for letting me know" reply to the admissions person and going to get back to my current academic stuff (and crafting).
  11. Okay, a response... I'm on UDub's waitlist (of 38). Hopefully I'm high enough on that list that I'll get the Good Reply sooner rather than later.
  12. WriteAndKnit

    Seattle, WA

    Hi y'all! I'm waiting for confirmation from either of the schools I've applied to, but I'm crossing everything with a joint for UW. My complication, though, is that I finish my current MA in May -- and my roommate is selling the house no later than early June. So, *that* will be exciting. I'm assuming that, like my current city (Raleigh, NC), finding a "student apartment" in June is going to be fruitless. However, I'm assuming that there are apartments and houses that will be available in June? Not next to campus, obviously (which I'd prefer to avoid anyway -- I'm in the "bedtime is 10 pm" morning person crowd), but in a few of the mid-range neighborhoods? (I have a cat and a million books and three hundred pounds of craft supplies, but the cat's typically well-behaved and I can keep the rest organized.) ...Am I gonna have to/want to work on my Resting Bitchface? I'm so used to the south.
  13. UDub is appealing to me more and more as time goes on. The waiting game, though...
  14. I've already submitted to University of Denver and I'm finishing University of Washington. Both are ALA accredited and have an emphasis on the "information science" aspect (at least as an option).
  15. Old thread, but I'm using Post 9/11 without additional university funding. HOWEVER, I work in the campus' VA certifying office and I've seen a few people who have other funding.
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