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  1. I'm glad to hear that people think it will be a positive change. I had heard about the coffee shop and to me it seemed like a weird way to try to close a budget gap as a new dean. Yeah, I also thought that- it seems like the University is getting a bit...closer? Thanks to all three of you for the replies!
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows what is going on at UChicago. It seems like the administration is in flux and that might be(?) impacting students. Anyone on the ground have any thoughts on this? The op-ed in The Maroon slamming the div school is kind of concerning. I deferred admission last year with the intention of heading there this fall. I would love to know what people think/have heard. Some links: https://www.chicagomaroon.com/article/2018/4/6/nirenberg-become-interim-divinity-school-dean/ https://www.chicagomaroon.com/article/2018/3/18/divinity-school-dean-zoloth-step-take-new-role/ https://www.chicagomaroon.com/article/2018/5/18/uchi-div-must-openly-confront-challenges/
  3. Hello Grad Cafe Folks! Just thought I would swing by with an update. I decided a while back to commit and I am excited to be going to UChicago Div in the fall! Anyone have any suggestions on housing? I've heard pros and cons of living in Hyde Park- anyone have any experience with this? Also, did you all make final decisions on where you're headed?
  4. Congrats on BU! Boston is a great city! I'm with you on trying to balance the $ with my interests. It's a tough path! I don't have any other offers- I applied to HDS and Yale but didn't get in! I didn't apply to very many schools, and I come with some academic baggage from years past. I'm beyond thrilled to have gotten into Chicago. I also have been reaching out to family, my current Professors/TA's and some friends at div schools. None have straight up said "don't do it!"- though, I did have a relatively recent HDS alum tell me it's pretty indulgent to go to div school. I was like uhhhhhh, I don't think that's what you're supposed to say haha! Most of them have said that the job market is hard and that they aren't sure that it did much for them, but they would probably do the same thing again- "the stuff I learned and the people I met were worth it etc." As far as a PhD is concerned: I'm not that interested. I'm not crossing it off, but it seems incredibly hard especially for women at top schools. I know a few women in ivy PhD programs and they have all said they wouldn't do it if they had been more aware of the environment that they were getting into initially. It has kind of scared me. Also, I would be like late 30's by the time I was done!
  5. Hello fellow applicants! Long time lurker here. I have been accepted at the University of Chicago Div School, with 50% tuition. While I'm totally thrilled about this acceptance- I'm definitely worried about the cost. I've applied for the Religion, Art, and Lit track- I'm interested in the mashup of contemporary art, politics, and religion. How is the decision making process going for all of you? It seems that a lot of people here are thinking of going to on PhD programs after a masters- are there any people who aren't? What are you thinking of doing career-wise post masters?
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