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  1. Columbia admitted here. I only got a phone call from my POI and an email from the Department inviting me to the open house.
  2. elisewin

    Asian Art

    Hi everyone! I'm interested in Medieval Japanese art, and would love to meet some new Asianists. Is there anybody else out there? (China, India, Cambodia, whatever!).
  3. @techart I have been accepted to one university without going through any interview, so they don't seem necessary in all cases. Have you been in contact with all your POIs?
  4. I did! The DGS sent me an email inviting me to a Skype interview this week with two faculty members not related to my field. They want to see who I am as a person.
  5. I've only been invited to a recruitment weekend just today (Michigan!) and I'm hysterical. I also love Mahler, though.
  6. I was wrong, I'm really sorry! I misunderstood something they told me, but I asked and they confirmed it's until April. I'm taking it anyway, because renting from abroad can be a nightmare and I'm hoping I'll meet more people this way.
  7. There was a class in Berkeley, but I think it belonged to the East Asian Studies Department.
  8. It looks like you take the apartment for the year, but you can leave before the second semester as long as you follow the rules regarding notice (I believe it's 40 days or so, each semester has a deadline). So I might do that if I find something nicer that fast!
  9. I'm from Spain! I'll be starting my PhD in Japanese Art History at the Ohio State University Cheers!
  10. When I was living in Berkeley in 2011-12, I paid 800 for a room in a house with 4 more girls. A friend of mine paid 650 for a SHARED room without a bed, just two mattresses in the floor. So yep, hella expensive over there.
  11. HI there! Where in Europe are you from? I'm from Spain I've decided to move into the Neil Ave Efficiency apartments, at least until I get used to the city... It's really cool your SO is gonna be there too, I hope mine comes eventually as well (although he will have to get a job and a visa of his own...). Looking forward to meeting you all!
  12. I'm an amateur, I'm singing with my boyfriend all the time but won't dare to say I'm good at it I can play a few things on the guitar, and I'm hoping to get better. I must find people to go to gigs with, though!
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