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  1. I have lived in Boston so I am definitely entitled to have an opinion of it. Not everyone likes Boston. You don't need to go on a diatribe.
  2. yeah well it's not for everyone...
  3. ok, I didn't go to Duke. I went to UNC but I would start looking now if you haven't found something already. People are looking already for August leases. I'm sure Duke has a housing website or your program director could give you some resources. Some people have found roommates on Craiglists but I usually go on the school's housing website first to see if there are roommate boards. There also might be a Facebook group for Duke off-campus housing and I would check there as well.
  4. Who's going to UNC in the fall?
  5. Where did you decide to go! I was admitted to UNC health informatics master's program. I've lived in Boston before too and I really don't like it!!! I would consider cost of attendance, location, and job prospects afterwards and then choose the one that interests you more. I will never live in Boston again for anything. I'm trying to migrate all the way back down to south Florida where I was born lol. I am interested in STIs as well. The American Sexual Health Association headquarters is in Durham, NC.
  6. I went to UNC undergrad. Chapel Hill is great. I've also lived in Boston. And I've been to Baltimore. It's true there is crime in Baltimore. But I wouldn't let that limit you. Boston you will be in for a brutal winter. Maybe that doesn't bother you but I hated it. I wouldn't let crime deter you. It's everywhere. The best thing you can do is ask someone at the university where are bad areas you should avoid. You could also take self-defense classes. I think it's common sense to not walk around alone at night. Some of the crime alerts I got at UNC were when people were doing that but a UNC professor was also mugged and beaten to death in broad daylight. Crime can really happen anywhere, anytime. I carry pepper spray and it makes me feel slightly safer. I make my decisions based off of location, cost of attendance, and job prospects. It all depends what you're looking for and what's important to you.
  7. Yeah, I wanna know this too. been waitlisted since march 29th. wtf.
  8. Ok, so I finally have 2 acceptances. Money aside, would you choose applied quantitative research at NYU or health informatics at UNC? Thanks for any input.
  9. actually. it does. that was the deadline that Wake Forest gave me and they stuck to their deadline.
  10. I heard it's an amazing city. I know it's really cold and I hate winter. I believe there is also a lot of crime there. I mainly didn't want to go because of winter.
  11. Just found out I was rejected from Wake Forest MA in psychology. I was waitlisted then this. I'm guessing it had something to do with my GPA and lack of research experience.
  12. I messaged you. it depends what you're looking for. I haven't been to Hillsborough personally. I lived in Downing Creek one year. My ex boyfriend used Acorn + Oak property management I think for his place. I didn't live with him. http://www.acorn-oak.com/en/ He lived on Cotton Street one year. I didn't know anyone who lived that far away from campus but I wasn't a grad student. Another year he lived on Brookside Dr. Both are close to campus. If you want to be more part of the college town atmosphere, then I would probably live closer to the campus. Like I said, I have never been to Hillsborough so I cannot comment on it. @kwils76
  13. I lived in Florida for 6 years. Yes, it's going to be hot and humid. The humidity can make your hair look bad. It might be an adjustment for you if you're from Boston. I prefer hot, sunny places and I was born in Florida. I really liked Florida and consider it the best state I ever lived besides Arizona, which was hot without humidity. But Arizona had no beach. Could you maybe visit Tallahassee? I was accepted to FSU for undergrad but attended elsewhere. I am also interested to know what FSU is like. The only things I've really seen about it were the Jameis Winston rape case. And I never visited. I do love Florida though. I just think you will have to adjust if you go because you are worried about hot weather. It depends what you like. I lived in Miami and Boca Raton. You can try to prevent some crimes and ask locals about bad parts of town you should avoid. I carry pepper spray for safety. I also try not to walk alone at night. You could also take self-defense classes. My mom always wanted me to do that. I actually lived in Boston before and hated it. It's interesting to see people's different living preferences. I can't imagine anyone hating hot weather or loving winter. It's so opposite of me. In winter, I get annoyed having to put all these extra layers on just to go outside. My dream is to go back to Florida. FL, AZ, and TX are the only states I want to live in. Maybe Cali.
  14. Good luck everyone! Patience never been one of my virtues. Lol
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