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  1. I went to Sarah Lawrence for undergrad and grad. Housing is definitely one of the more annoying things about it. Most grads in my program buddied up to find housing; that's probably your best bet. Living in a neighboring town should be no problem if you have a car, or even a bicycle. I lived in a so-so place in Yonkers and walked to and from campus 30 minutes each day, and I was fine; I spent most of my time on campus anyway.
  2. I (the OP) am in Tallahassee now, so I might be able to answer other questions; but I haven't been around Frenchtown. Anyone else?
  3. Thanks, Cat! I guess I'll just have to see what it's like when I get there...
  4. Congrats ^_^ That's great, thank you! Hmm...I don't know, what do think of Tallahassee? I've heard really mixed things about it; some say it's fairly dangerous, others that it's perfectly safe; some say the weather is great, others that it's hot and humid all year round (which I admit worries me...I'm from Boston)
  5. Hi, everyone! Anyone else going to FSU in the fall? I'm an English (Creative Writing) PhD. Also um, if anyone is in my program, I'd be interested to know what you've heard about it!
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