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  1. How are you doing with your applications through IIE? It is almost April 15th and I'm still waiting for two results. However, for these two in particular, and looking at the survey results, it looks like the delay is not related to the IIE. Today I have decided to accept one offer. The Fulbright Commission said that the IIE should send the signed acceptance letter on my behalf. They will also decline the other offers, even those two that didn't come out yet. This means that I will never know their outcome. Is it like that for you too?
  2. @ChrisTOEFert Thanks for the clarification! I've just noticed that I had misread your quoted sentence, I guess I thought it was something like "*you* adhere to it". But I appreciate your words. @caleugenides, I am in a similar situation, although my message to school 1 was more succinct, I still can see myself in your position. @MarineBluePsy and @ChrisTOEFert gave you very good advise and I would do like they say, specifically, I wouldn't wait until April 15th to accept the offer and send the e-mail to school 1, i.e., assuming you don't get a positive and interesting offer from scho
  3. Hi, Could you please clarify what you meant with this? Is it that they usually give the April 15th deadline if they do really want the student, or the other way around?
  4. Hi! I've read the following information around here, while browsing the forums. In most cases, the letter from the graduate office is just a formality. Besides checking authenticity, they will check that your application meets with the school rules, e.g, if there is any kind of cutoff for TOEFL or GRE results. Even thou, probably, the department has a higher cutoff than the school itself. Another issue is funding. If they are offering you funding, perhaps the graduate office needs to approve their budget. I have also received an acceptance letter from a department. But it c
  5. Definitely they follow different rules in different countries! I'm not sure how obligated we are to accept an offer (although we can always choose if there are more than one offer). I've heard that in the past years there were some applicants that received offers and then rejected all of them. This year they requested all applicants to sign a kind of "letter of honor", where we state that we will be accepting one offer (if there is any, of course). I think the morale here is that they have invested time and money in you, and they want you to make use of that. Muchas gracias! I'm
  6. Hi everyone! I've been reading the Grad Cafe since last summer, but only recently I decided to register. The idea of getting into a PhD program was still very blurry and distant, that I thought I wouldn't care much for these forums. How wrong I was! Lately, I've been following the "WINE, WAIT AND WHINE" thread (among others). Reading through it have given me the sense of a community and empathy, as I learned about everyone's struggles and victories and see that I'm not alone. So I guess I finally have some celebration to do as well! Last week I received my first acceptance, great pro
  7. There is no direct application for us, not allowed. Yeah, I also think they have too many applicants to manage. How did you find about those rejection letters, especially the "misplaced" one? Also, what happens if you got an offer from one of the other programs that IIE applied to? Aren't you kind of obligated to accept it? I'm checking with the Fulbright Commission all the time, but it looks like IIE is not reporting to them as well. I updated my signature to include where I am (might be) heading to. I've just heard about that one acceptance because I was in touch with the departmen
  8. Hi all! I'm from Portugal and I'm also looking forward to receiving news from the IIE! They have applied for 6 PhD programs on my behalf. So far they have sent me only one result: rejected from the top choice. Meanwhile, I have received unofficial information that I was accepted on two programs, but IIE didn't confirm it yet. I met one applicant from last year round which told me that she had found out that IIE had applied to the wrong program. She called the graduate office and fixed it! I was afraid of something similar, so I sent e-mails to the programs departments asking them to
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