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  1. Now if any of you clown college drop outs want to discuss libertarianism in Yu-Gi-oh's Shadow Realm, I will engage in debate.
  2. Ah. I see that I am nothing more to you people than a clown to me laughed at. A dancing monkey here for your entertainment. No matter; I will not be laughed out of this forum like I was laughed out of my bat mitzvah. I will not feed the trolls. I will battle anyone anywhere anytime. I live for this. -AnimeBabe420
  3. I am not being taken seriously on this forum. I have brought shame to my family and the Manga/Anime Universe. I did not deserve that Otaku themed bat mitzvah.
  4. I am surprised this needs to be explained, but if you are simply too dull to see the link between current Digimon fanfic and critiques of the Israeli directed police state in Gaza, then I am not sure what place you have in a graduate school program. But here we go: Firstly, I will direct you to the seminal work "Digimon Police Team" (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5852181/1/Digimon-police-Team) which takes place in the human universe (not the Digimon parallel universe) present day, and follows the teaming up of oppressed humans (implicit is that they are palestinians) with Digimon, meant to
  5. A troll?? Say that to my katana blade you cowards. And to address: m-ttl - please do not insult the noble otaku by claiming we have not been systematically oppressed. My otaku status has prevented me from voting, but the government claims it is because I am a felon. Nothing is transparent under Emperor Obama's rule. - with all due respect to YOU, Yu-Gi-Oh is absolutely the correct forum to discuss gender and homosexuality. There is a strong case to be argued that Yu-Gi-Oh is trans. - Dont act as if Digimon Fanfic hasn't produced amazing critiques of the Israel-Palestine crisis
  6. Hello GradCafe-San I am planning on applying to art history graduate programs this coming year, and i am greatly interested in the theory and criticism of anime, but i don't kno where has good programs for that i am a junior art history major at a decent school but my professors all say "AnimeBabe420, that is not a field of study" This is what i am interested in though, because i do not accept their defeat: -firstly my senior thesis is "The Proletariat in Dragonballz: Goku's Leftist Leanings" - i am interested in gender in the anime universe, and have in the past proposed researc
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