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  1. Wow, rude. Just because they have a name like "AnimeBabe420" you automatically assume they're a troll?
  2. This seems like an area of study that could fall within various disciplinary categories, not just art history. Media Theory/Communication Studies, East Asian Studies, Anthropology and Sociology, etc... What I'm saying is, don't give up if you fail to garner a positive reception at first...
  3. I don't have a horse in this race, but you guys are coming off as kind of pretentious... Is Chicago really so superior to every other program in existence that you have to pay for the privilege of attending?
  4. All of the programs I applied to (I only applied to Canadian schools) offered some sort of funding to their MA students.
  5. They definitely have first round and waitlists. I think that most Canadian schools, with the exception of McGill, have sent out their first round of offers at this point. So far there are results from UBC, UofT, and Queen's on gradcafe. I furthermore heard from a buddy that Carleton and York have sent out acceptances.
  6. U of T is definitely very appealing, but all I can do is echo your concerns about the awkward timing of recommendation letters in a 1-year program. If you are planning on taking a gap year after the MA to learn a language or research etc., then I think it would be less of a potential issue.
  7. Congratulations again! If you chose to accept, let me preemptively welcome you to Canada
  8. Congratulations! Is it a European or North American school?
  9. I would be interested in knowing this too. I couldn't find anything online either, but if I had to estimate (based off of the annual MA intake of comprable Canadian departments) I would say around 12-18, with a total enrollment of 30-ish.
  10. Sorry for the necro (I guess I'm in a similar situation to the OP now, though), I would add that something to consider is that while the MA programs at McGill and UBC are both 2 year, thesis-based programs, the MA at UofT is 1 year, course-work based. I'm not sure how this would affect potential PhD applications moving forward from those degrees, although it seems like it would be harder to garner recommendation letters at UofT because of the application cycle timeline. Thoughts?
  11. Thank you so much for that detailed reply! It really was quite thoughtful--not to mention helpful! I'm from Vancouver as well, so a lot of the differences you mentioned definitely resonate with me. Although if I do go to Queen's, I think I would enjoy the small/college town atmosphere. Also, is it fairly easy to get by without a car in Kingston? I've lived in cities with well developed rapid transit all my life, but I also figure that the smaller size of kingston would perhaps make travel by bus or bike a bit easier...
  12. I am pondering queens, but what you've said about housing seems like it could be a problem. Just how bad is the rental market? In terms of looking for a nice, quiet place, I wouldn't mind living far away from campus and paying more than usual, but I'm also worried that there might not be any leases like that available...
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