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  1. To be honest, not really. It's the only school I applied to and it was my number one choice because of the layout of the program and because I think it's the best fit for me. I have a bunch of preconceived notions about what DE will be like, and I'm trying to figure out if it's true or not. The biggest thing is that I just want to be happy and start to enjoy life and my living scenario right now really isn't safe/enjoyable. My living situation will be much better in this program...I also tend to get depressed from being inside a classroom all the time. I like the idea of being able to take my classes and work with me outside and slowing down the pace just enough to where I don't feel like I'll be rushed through the program. I don't expect USC's program to be "easy" or any less difficult, just material in smaller doses. I'm loving the idea of not having to rush to class, find parking, sit in traffic etc. I think omitting many of the small daily stresses is going to go a long way...but I think I'm going to miss meeting with peers on a regular basis. I guess we'll all find out at orientation and during the first semester how things will play out. I hope whatever choice you choose works best for you! Please keep me updated on your decision!
  2. Yes! I looked into this option, but decided it would be too expensive of an option for me, personally. It sounds like a wonderful time though!
  3. ljhslp - I think we are emailing! I've traditionally been a classroom learner too, but I think the web-based system might work out really well. My roommate is in a web-based pharmacy program now, similar to the set up of USC. She has shed a lot of light on what it's like to be a web-based student, but was still hoping someone might have some feedback about what they've heard about SLP programs online. You didn't happen to apply to USC did you?
  4. Nice! I was also accepted to South Carolina's program. Do you plan on attending?
  5. Just curious Also, any tips/insight to DE programs is greatly appreciated and welcomed!
  6. Thanks for the feedback, guys! I am really enjoying the support from this forum. I think the SLP/AuD community is very supportive. I like pretty much all of the material (both SLP and AuD) but most of my SLP professors lack creativity in presenting the material and I'm a big time question asker, which seems to have gone over better with the Audiology professors. I never considered Audiology, but my professors in AuD seem to have way more passion about their careers than the speech pathologists who are teaching. I'm trying to keep in mind that it's only a few professors, but after you spend a few years with them, it does start to creep into your mind "Am I in the right part of this field?". Trying not to let the negativity bring me down, especially since I just got my acceptance letter. Grad school is a huge investment, and I hope I am getting into the right program. I suppose time will tell...at the very least my Audiology professors have made me really appreciate the field and value their work. nik24 - Thank you for your input! I have always wondered how anyone knows *for sure* what they want to do without really doing it for a year. I value the insight you shared.
  7. Anyone else distance Education?

    1. ljhslp


      I was also accepted into the distance education program through the University of South Carolina! :)

  8. Perhaps my situation is unique, but I have one SLP professor that I love and the rest I actually really dislike. On the other hand, I have loved all my audiology professors. It really has made me question if I perhaps should consider the switch, considering who I relate to the most.
  9. I feel as though I have been through a whirlwind of emotions during this application process! My deadline was Jan 1st which is a TERRIBLE date because I had to last minute my fall transcripts to CSDCAS which was a nightmare since the school wouldn't do it and I had a friend do it herself and they were rejected because "she had contact with them" (although the seal wasn't broken). I did it myself and put the return address as my school's. It worked. Then I didn't even care. I thought "whatever. I get in or I don't". (Pretty emotionally worn out at that point!) I don't know about you guys, but department politics in my undergraduate are unreal. I had a professor tell me to reconsider graduate school if I were accepted, which was devastating to hear! She doesn't think I have the "personality" to do therapy, despite the fact that SLP is a huge field! You need all kinds of personalities for all kinds of different therapies. =[ I was pretty hurt by our conversation. I have a poor transfer GPA (before I was in SLP) and to make up for it, I've been working my butt off at my current undergraduate and got my first 4.0 last semester. So after that chat with my professor, I've been more motivated than ever to get into the program I applied to...except I haven't heard anything back yet and everyone else has been getting acceptance letters. They said "mid March" which has me checking my email like a mad woman... I am really thankful for this feed. I hope the end to everyone's anxiety is a letter of acceptance!
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