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  1. My impression is that, overall, the field is LGBTQ+ friendly. Check out Pitt, they actually offer an LGBTQ+ certificate you can do in addition to your degree.
  2. It depends on the program. I had a letter writer last year who forgot a couple of schools. Those schools emailed me and I reminded the writer about them, and there was no issue.
  3. Good morning everyone! I just wanted to stop in and remind everyone that, while I know this time is very stressful, you don't want to neglect your own emotional and physical well-being. We're applying for a field with high burn out, so self care is going to be a vital skill for our futures! Go do something that makes you feel good and less stressed this weekend! My self care: last night I went to dinner with friends, then we went back to one of the women's houses to play games. Simple, fun, needed.
  4. No GC programs for me, so I'm anxiously waiting out the application and interview process! Last year I applied to 7 schools and interviewed, then waitlisted at 3. It was a good experience. I think the schools will hold off on sending out all of the rejections until interview slots are full. That way, if someone declines an interview, they can still fill that slot. Some of the schools also do waves of interview offers.
  5. Don't stress yet! I didn't here back until the end of February, beginning of March last year. I think this week last year was when people first started hearing back. Not that that makes the waiting necessarily easier.
  6. Thanks, @GeneDawg! Gotta say, I'm glad the stress is over, but kind of sad the process is ending (for now).
  7. @TAGC Happy birthday!! Sorry you didn't get an acceptance for your birthday. I'm looking at being wait listed as they wanted us, but there just wasn't room. No shame in reapplying!
  8. So....is it too early to start the Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 thread? Congrats to everyone who got in! As much as I'd have loved to been one of you, I am sincerely happy for each and everyone one who got an acceptance. Everyone else- it definitely stings to have not gotten in. But look what we accomplished! We put ourselves out there, poured our hearts and souls into reaching our dreams! That's no small feat.
  9. @SammyRay one of the things I see as a downside to Genetic Counseling is lack of access for a lot of people that could really benefit. If you want to fix the system, you have to understand the system.
  10. I'm just sitting, waiting, wishing.... Still waitlist for Pitt and VCU (pretty sure UAMS is full).
  11. I'll go for the Public Health Genetics and then reapply. I'm actually really excited about the Public Health program! And I love the city. But I know that I ultimately want to be a Genetic Counselor. It might just take me longer to get there.
  12. Oh wow! That's really rough. =/ I'm sorry. LOR were surprisingly hard to keep on track! I hope you get in!
  13. @adragonisnoslave That feeling really sucks. I'm on three waitlists and not feeling hopeful. It's crazy how much gridlocks at different programs can totally hold up everything!
  14. @WBGC I would say email them, if you don't hear back then call to follow up. This gridlock is driving me crazy! Something's gotta give.
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