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  1. Hmm. I'll start chanting 'Kal Varnsen Kal Varnsen' then.
  2. Wise words! Any of the choices will be a good choice.
  3. I've been naked and chanting 'Sam Stone Sam Stone' all morning, so hopefully he's heard something from Akeel.
  4. Funding is important to me, for two reasons. First, I'm married and we plan on having kids in the next few years. You might end up in a relationship wherever you land, and security/stability may become more important then. So, that might be a relevant factor now, despite your not being in a position to know your future relationship details (maybe you'll find a nice sugar momma/papa and this will all be moot). Second, I have student loans to pay off, and paying them off sooner than later is way better given accruing interest. You might not have this to worry about (if by 'no attachments' you include not having loans). If it is a worry for you, it seems like it should only have minimal weight (unless you want to get married and become a baby factory, then you'll never surface from your debt). The mentorship aspect seems most important, but also the hardest to judge. Why do you think program C wouldn't be great for mentorship?
  5. Ulixes

    Declining 2016

    This certainly helps me, thank you! What's your area of interest?
  6. Ulixes

    Declining 2016

    Seems like an unfair thing to say, given the other factors at play in admissions. Either way, what purpose would it serve?
  7. Ulixes

    Declining 2016

    I'm curious what you'll be doing--another school or another year? (On mobile, which doesn't show sigs, so maybe the answer is there for wherever else you're accepted at.)
  8. Ulixes

    Declining 2016

    I really squanch your name.
  9. Ulixes

    Declining 2016

    Anyone itching to decline Syracuse? I'll send you a box of cookies!
  10. Well, that's good news for me! Are you thinking Rochester, or another school? My advisor went to Rochester and loved it.
  11. Congratulations! I'm hoping for Syracuse. Any idea if you'll accept?
  12. Anyone claiming the Syracuse acceptance?
  13. Anyone have any news about Rochester?
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