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  1. Posted this in another thread (Decisions) earlier... Someone declined Stanford the other day. Someone declined Pitt wait list today.
  2. Nat_Foot

    Decisions 2016

    Personally, I think it's entirely appropriate to inquire about your status on the wait list. It also indicates that you're interested in the school and would potentially accept an offer if made.
  3. Nat_Foot

    Decisions 2016

    I'm not sure about the others, but this is definitely a new person!
  4. Nat_Foot

    Decisions 2016

    Someone is turning down Stanford today. Good luck to those on the wait list.
  5. I contacted Mich a few days ago. They were woefully unhelpful. The secretary gave me the standard response: "All admissions decisions will be made by March 15." I know that Mich was on Spring Break last week but that a lot of staff and faculty members were there. Mich has been all over the place in terms of when they release (ranging from early Feb to early March), but I'm sure we'll hear something by early next week (hopefully Monday).
  6. I know that at least one of the Princeton admits does not work in ancient (sorry).
  7. I tried calling Riverside, and they told me email the DGS. Emailed him 13 days ago and still haven't heard back...
  8. I would (but you never know).
  9. I think it's for this year. Call was from yesterday... Hate to say it but I think MIT's done with acceptances.
  10. Yeah, and something like this has happened for almost every school I called. They'll say 1-2 weeks and then release within the next 2 days lol.
  11. Just to add more details about my call to MIT yesterday... I called about 4:45 EST, after all the decisions from yesterday had been posted. I asked the secretary if all acceptances had been released. I was transferred to someone else, who put me on hold for a minute or two after I repeated the question. When she came back, she said that they'd be done today or tomorrow; they're not sure what their schedule is yet. As of yesterday, I thought there was a good chance that they weren't done, based on what the person I spoke with said. I still think there's a good chance there will be some calls today, but there are 4 or 5 acceptances posted already (I said 4 or 5 because I'm not sure if the person who got a missed call later added the details of their acceptance). If you don't hear by the end of the day, you probably weren't accepted... but there's still wait list. The suspense is killing me too.
  12. I'm just hoping that they're waiting to call out of courtesy to those of us on the West Coast
  13. CUNY: "Admissions decisions will be released by mid to late March." Woefully unhelpful. UGHH
  14. @personagrata I don't think most people have (including myself).
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