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  1. philosophe

    Venting Thread

    that's weird. i'd recommend you call the department
  2. philosophe

    2016 Waitlist Thread

    so uhhh UCLA limbo anyone? *crickets*
  3. philosophe

    2016 Acceptance Thread

    I was in limbo but solicited and got a rejection. Although now it sounds like they're going into the limbo ppl, kicking myself for soliciting now! haha
  4. philosophe

    2016 Waitlist Thread

    That's definitely not the case. I think he means he's the most likely to automatically give up his offer if he gets off the WL, whereas others (as you know) would consider the two and then decide.
  5. philosophe

    Declining 2016

    Just declined from the very top of the wait list at UMass. It pained me. They were on the brink of giving me an offer, and knowing I would not accept it, I couldn't find it in me to remain on the list. I hope this helps someone out there!
  6. philosophe

    Declining 2016

    This happened to me... I politely said I was very interested but I'd have to wait until the end of the day on April 15th. I got a real offer (as opposed to the cart before the horse kind) from that school the next day regardless, which I sat on until a different, preferred school came through. The APA rules say that they can't make you respond before then, stand up for yourself! You can't be bullied into accepting an offer earlier in order to make that offer come about. If they want you, they should give you an offer and wait for your response like everyone else.
  7. philosophe

    Declining 2016

    Placement is much better at Arizona, but a few things made the difference for me: The grad students there have a very heavy workload. They teach 3 sections for all years except for one fellowship semester, up to 75 students (grading for them as well). All that while they're supposed to be doing their own work. That seems like way too much for me, I value my time. Second, the main person I want to work with is considering an offer elsewhere, and as late as yesterday told me he wasn't sure if he was staying or leaving. That leaves only one person in my area of interest, and that's putting a lot of eggs in one basket. Third, they've been jerking me around a lot, (initially guaranteeing one fellowship semester, then saying that will only be the case if I accepted asap) and that seems disrespectful and like a potential red flag. I also am not a fan of the desert climate. Hope that helps to clarify!
  8. philosophe

    Declining 2016

    I'll be declining my offers at UCSB and Arizona by the end of the day! Hope this helps people
  9. philosophe

    Venting Thread

    I do have a rank in my mind, but the idea of getting off more than 1 WL sounds like wishful thinking rn. I'll believe it when I see the choice arise
  10. philosophe

    Venting Thread

    thnx bud. what a pal.
  11. philosophe

    Venting Thread

    Yeah, I'd probably take any of my WL schools. UCSB would be fine, but I'd prefer to go somewhere with a better placement record.
  12. philosophe

    Venting Thread

    Huge ball of anxiety today. I can't get any work done because I'm constantly checking my email. It's pretty crazy to think that I submitted these apps in November and here we are on April 8th and I'm still waiting, possibly for a negative result. Something tells me this might be the longest week of my life. I can't wait for it to be over. Since there's no nail biting or vomiting emoji this will have to do
  13. philosophe

    2016 Acceptance Thread

    Are you planning to decline everything else today? Every decline helps us WL folk! It's such a small network of ppl
  14. philosophe

    Surprised by school visits (UCLA, Berkeley)

    apparently they've been trying to hire for epistemology for quite some time, but no results
  15. philosophe

    Declining 2016

    Kudos for going into the finals days very lean.

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