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  1. Are Austin grad students unionized? If not, have y'all considered forming a union and bargaining collectively for better pay? https://www.epi.org/publication/graduate-student-employee-unions/ Some choice quotes: "As the Board noted in its Columbia decision, more than 64,000 graduate student employees are already unionized at 28 institutions of higher education in the public sector, including universities in California, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington." "Union-represented graduate student workers also reported receiving higher pay than non-union-represented graduate student workers."
  2. Does anyone know how Milwaukee's placement has been this year? Apparently, they lost two of their profs (Hinchman and Westlund) to FSU last year, who were then promptly replaced by van Elswyk and Goodman. Is Milwaukee still as competitive as it's been in years past?
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