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  1. Have either of you emailed UNC? I was in the same boat, but just received a response to my inquiry telling me that I was rejected after all.
  2. Not one, not two, but three people from (or recently graduated from) this MA program were accepted to UCSB!
  3. I have it on very good authority that this year's Brandeis cohort has been accepted at NYU, Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, Brown, UC-Davis, Virginia, UMass-Amherst, LSE, and Miami (though to reiterate, these are merely acceptances and do not represent an actual placement record - it seems that a single applicant is responsible for a few of the more impressive acceptances listed above).
  4. What Euromaniac said - my sample looks like a paltry lump of coal by comparison. Still, I'd love to participate in the exchange: https://www.academia.edu/9943134/Has_Lewis_Dissolved_The_Grandfather_Paradox
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