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  1. Love and Squalor

    2019 Graduate Entrants

    Have either of you emailed UNC? I was in the same boat, but just received a response to my inquiry telling me that I was rejected after all.
  2. Love and Squalor


    Not one, not two, but three people from (or recently graduated from) this MA program were accepted to UCSB!
  3. Take two Advil and post again in the morning.
  4. Love and Squalor

    Tufts faculty on leave '15-'16

    I have it on very good authority that this year's Brandeis cohort has been accepted at NYU, Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, Brown, UC-Davis, Virginia, UMass-Amherst, LSE, and Miami (though to reiterate, these are merely acceptances and do not represent an actual placement record - it seems that a single applicant is responsible for a few of the more impressive acceptances listed above).
  5. Love and Squalor

    Writing Sample Swap

    What Euromaniac said - my sample looks like a paltry lump of coal by comparison. Still, I'd love to participate in the exchange: https://www.academia.edu/9943134/Has_Lewis_Dissolved_The_Grandfather_Paradox

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