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  1. Turning down all your PhD offers?

    Haha, no worries! I totally understand!
  2. Turning down all your PhD offers?

    I understand! Again, if I may, where did you decide to go?
  3. Turning down all your PhD offers?

    Why the sad face? That's a good thing, yeah?
  4. Turning down all your PhD offers?

    If I may, you should probably decide soon, as your declination will likely result in some significant movement, whichever way you decide to go. That said, I know this is by no means an easy decision.
  5. Waitlist Thread

    Anyone know if Austin's (hidden) waitlist is still moving? Just waiting on them at this point, and it's difficult to get a detailed answer out of them.
  6. Rejection Thread

    Likely. But, I'm still waiting to hear back from Riverside and Austin. They've both simply said that I need to wait.
  7. Rejection Thread

    Rejected off the waitlist at UMass. This hurts. I was one spot away.
  8. Venting Thread

    In the spirit of venting: UGH there's a lot of movement happening today, but none on my end!!! Also, I can't wait for this to be over!!
  9. Turning down all your PhD offers?

    Presumably, they are prioritizing getting a job, which I think is wise. But, you're certainly correct that one should pick a program considering how well it will develop them as an academic generally, and a philosopher in particular—one shouldn't *merely* consider ranking and placement. But, I don't think this consideration makes prioritizing job placement really misguided. That's my take anyway.
  10. Turning down all your PhD offers?

    I understand where you're coming from. I'd be thrilled to be at such a place! But, I also understand the desire to do better, given the job market; this is especially understandable when one hasn't gone through an MA program and, presumably, has the chance to do better (given the stipulations above).
  11. Turning down all your PhD offers?

    Alot of people would think this is very risky. I think it all depends on what sort of work you're able to produce and what sort of letters you're able to acquire. For instance, I had a friend a few years back that applied and was in at a top-30. He decided he thought he could do better coming out of a well-"ranked" MA program. His advisors agreed—and I think that might be most important, what your advisors/letter writers think. He attended the MA program, did very well, and is now at a top 15-ish program. That route worked out very well for him.
  12. Declining offers 2017

    So exciting seeing all the big declinations reported in the facebook group! I wish more were posted here!
  13. Declining offers 2017

    Just curious (now that I know I'm in limbo with Riverside and Austin): anyone with offers/waitlists at either Riverside or Austin plan on declining?
  14. Declining offers 2017

    Just a friendly reminder to decline your offers you know you won't take. I know for a fact that people sit on offers needlessly every year (or almost every year). Things get very, very complicated and frustrating, for both applicants and programs, on April 15th—best to alleviate that as much as we can!
  15. Awkward Visits

    Right. It's not that it's merely a critique of someone's personal habits; it's about behaviors that are discourteous and unprofessional, even if only mildly so.