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  1. That's good to know about university of Maryland! I've just been waiting hahaha.... does anyone know anything about university of Washington???
  2. Ahh yay!! Exciting do you mind me asking you what your areas of interest/research interests are??
  3. Hi everyone! I know it's rather early but I thought that I would start a thread for people to put the offers that they are declining.
  4. Awww okay, I was hoping that it wasn't just a standard waitlisted email since it was also a waitlist for a fellowship. I got it from Miller-Young as well. I wonder how many people were accepted and how many people were waitlisted
  5. Hey everyone, would anyone mind sharing what the waitlisted email said?? Mine said that they placed me on a waitlisted for a fellowship and that they would know more chances of funding and acceptance in March. Was this the standard email?
  6. I saw that someone was waitlisted to Emory and I was wondering who the email came from??
  7. I havent heard anything from UCLA (not sure if anyone else did) but I'm wondering how well known/ presitgious/ good of a program they are? I'm only asking because it's a fairly brand new program. I'm pretty sure it was just created in 2012. I'm also a first generation student and I just have no idea the types of that carry good names or their reputation whether good or bad
  8. (sorry to ask again!) but has anyone heard from university of maryland or UCSB?? I see on the search results that people haven't really posted their acceptances for the past couple years to these places...
  9. Hi everyone!! I'm new to this thread! But I'm wondering if anyone has applied/heard back from UC Santa Barbara or University of Maryland??? ❤️❤️❤️
  10. Oh okay! So you didn't submit in the results search that you received an interview? Also, congrats!!! I am still nervously waiting ☹️?. But I am hoping that there's still a chance.
  11. Hi!! I've applied to USC's PhD in comparative studies of literature and culture (the general track since my interests are in multiple languages). I see that one person got an interview notice last week. Has anyone else heard anything?? The person who got the interview, congrats! Would you mind sharing which track you selected? Thanks ❤️ Shira
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