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  1. I've got a question about epistemic positions in the decision-making process. Let's suppose there's a candidate who was admitted to several excellent programs. Near the end, their decision has come down to NYU, MIT, or Rutgers. For some of us, this would be an obvious choice. For others, this would be an excruciatingly difficult choice to make. In cases like these, is there a way that an onlooker could reasonably predict which choice the person makes? Certainly there are big/obvious factors, like interest fit, faculty they'd like to work with, location preference, and so on. However
  2. Hi everyone! I have a general query about what to make of a visit experience. I recently visited a school, and I really like the program itself. However, I felt very out of place trying to interact with the other prospective students. I was quite excited to meet them, but I got some weird vibes when trying to strike up conversations. One-on-one, people were pretty friendly. The groups, on the other hand, were quite uncomfortable to interact with. Should I draw any sort of conclusions from the interactions that I had with other prospies? I don't know who would end up in the eventual
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