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  1. shadowyBeing

    Declining Offers 2018

    Thank you for this information. 4 seems like a rather low cohort, and would be very unfortunate for my chances. Did they say so explicitly?
  2. shadowyBeing

    Declining Offers 2018

    I know of a few applicants who have declined either their offer or waitlist spot at UW-Seattle. I'm wondering whether anyone knows of any movement on that waitlist. Judging from gradcafe alone, it appears that no such movement has taken place, but that doesn't seem quite right given how far we are in the season. Thoughts?
  3. shadowyBeing

    Declining Offers 2018

    This thread has been woefully silent.
  4. shadowyBeing

    UCLA Waitlist

    I was wondering if anyone had any more information about the waitlist process at UCLA. They say their waitlist isn't ranked, but I know that some have reported having a better chance than others of getting off their waitlist. Are there any applicants here that are currently accepted/waitlisted that plan on declining?
  5. shadowyBeing

    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    Yeah, I have no idea how to interpret such things. My guess is that the waitlist is quasi-ranked according to AOI. But I really don't know.
  6. shadowyBeing

    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    I'm guessing you mean UW-Seattle? If so, I'm also curious. I wish they would release more information about their waitlist; I've asked about more info, but they don't give any specific details as a matter of policy.
  7. shadowyBeing

    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    Finally rejected from British Columbia.
  8. shadowyBeing

    Declining Offers 2018

    Alright, folks. Let's get this declination train a' movin!
  9. shadowyBeing

    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    Riverside is notorious for keeping silent until very late in this process—that is, for those not initially accepted. I was waitlisted last year, but didn't know about it until mid April.
  10. shadowyBeing

    Declining Offers 2018

    That's incredible! Congrats. Again, if I may, what was your sample on?
  11. shadowyBeing

    Declining Offers 2018

    If I may, where do you plan on going?
  12. shadowyBeing

    PhD Philosophy UCSB

    I realize this is a rather late reply, but I know that UCSB has sent out acceptances. Their accepted students visited recently. However, I do not know whether they have sent out rejections or waitlist decisions yet.
  13. shadowyBeing

    British Columbia

    I'm wondering if someone would be willing to contact British Columbia on my behalf to ask what's happening with their waitlist. They released acceptances and rejections quite awhile ago, but there has been no report of waitlists. I'm scared and desperate. Help me.
  14. shadowyBeing

    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    Now if only I could get intel like this about British Columbia. I've got nothing. And nobody seems to know what is going on with their waitlists.
  15. shadowyBeing

    Rants, Venting, and Speculation

    Anyone know of anyone waitlisted at British Columbia? I'm curious why—judging from the gradcafe survey alone—they haven't released any waitlist decisions, given that they've released acceptances and rejections. Anyone have a clue?

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