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  1. I’m not the original poster, but I was accepted on 3/3. I didn’t post it because I got very disillusioned with this whole process. ——— I see they responded and I should have just read on! Sorry, and I hope you hear from them soon!
  2. At this point, almost all of my schools have sent acceptances. I have received two rejections. I am reconciling with the fact I will probably be shut out. And this requires copious amounts of wine. I hope this next week brings you some response and, ultimately, the acceptance to the school of your dreams!
  3. Rejected from Brown, over here as well. I took it better than expected (I didn’t expect to get in, I lack the typical pedigree) and ate a bacon cheese burger and a bunch of Lindor truffles. I regret nothing.
  4. I have my email synched to my phone and obsessively check that way. Take that, work expectations!!
  5. I needed this. I applied to 13 schools and haven’t heard from anyone yet. Hello, I’m a lurker congrats on your acceptance and new baby!
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