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  1. GPA and GRE

    Lol you have -amazing- gre scores for Q & V. I didn't apply to PGR schools (my interests are in continental - history of philosophy), but my quantitative was 156 and I did fine. I can't imagine a 165 will hurt you, even in the highly competitive ranked programs, GRE scores (while important insofar as everything is important) are not the make-or-break aspect of your package, and your GRE scores are more than good enough not to hurt you, as far as I know. Good luck! And congrats on a great score Oh and the AW pretty much doesn't matter as long as you don't score horribly atrociously. If you get a 4.5, you should be totally fine as long as your sample is killer.
  2. I was strategic in a slightly different way, but I think that my topic helped a lot with where I wound up being accepted. Rather than focusing on what others might do, I tried to pick a topic that aligned as many of my strengths as possible. I think that kinda helped make it unique naturally, if that makes sense. I've worked the most with Hegel and was most comfortable with his Phenomenology, so I wrote my sample on that (like @isostheneia!). But I also know ancient Greek and had taken courses in ancient philosophy and the philosophy of tragedy, so I wrote on Hegel's Antigone, where I could use some of my own translations and bring in ancient ideas as well as working with some contemporary secondary literature on Hegel's work. All the schools that accepted me had professors working in both ancient Greek and modern German philosophy and a smaller subset of them were really excited by the work in tragedy. So, I think the best bet is to write about something that you're confident that you can produce your best work in. Especially if it can pull together multiple strengths in a natural way, even better!
  3. Advice for Applying: MA or PhD?

    Yeah, if I were you I'd apply to mostly PhD programs and then throw in maybe 3-4 funded, targeted MAs that have a good track record of getting applicants into the programs you're interested in. Good luck!
  4. Acceptance Thread

    Congratulations! Great news.
  5. Declining offers 2017

    Declined an offer to Duquesne. Good luck! (I also removed myself from the wait lists at BU and TAMU)
  6. Acceptance Thread

    Congratulations! Glad that you had such a positive meeting!
  7. Meeting with professors during campus visit

    If you can, I'd still visit. I'm visiting a couple of departments who can't help fund the travel. Luckily I'm very close to both of them, so the cost isn't too high. So if their assistance is enough to make it affordable for you to go, I'd still say it's worth it and not necessarily too hard a strike against the dept.
  8. Acceptance Thread

    That's wonderful! Congratulations!!
  9. Meeting with professors during campus visit

    I have no clue. I provided like five to the first department I visited, and two of them were unavailable so that still didn't wind up being enough -_-... But yeah, I would still probably say about five is reasonable?
  10. Declining offers 2017

    ouch. For my part, I'll be declining as I know, but most of my decision is coming down to visits, so that takes a while. Good luck to everyone on waitlists! Pulling for you for U-Mass, @Dialectica !
  11. Acceptance Thread

    I didn't wind up applying but it was on my list for a while. There are some pretty cool people working there Good luck! (also... Yeah. New Orleans!)
  12. critique my school list (applying next fall)

    Same with Oregon. I got offers to a couple of schools higher on your list and rejected from UNM / purgatory in oregon. I think it comes down to fit quite a bit more than I had realized.
  13. Rejection Thread

    And with a rejection from CUNY, that's all folks (with some presumed rejections). On to decision time. Good luck to everyone wrapping up this process!
  14. Waitlist Thread

    I think this is the first time I've actually laughed out loud at a post on here. Congrats on your success and hope you get an offer at Syracuse in the end of all this! (Or preferably a bit before the end ;))
  15. Acceptance Thread

    "Middling chance" sounds pretty promising to me! Good luck