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  1. It's scary but don't give up. It could matter a huge amount for your future, if you get into the better program.
  2. I see going to a school that has overall prestige outside of just the philosophy department as a small bonus to a program but not anything to worry about when you're considering a top 8 program like Pitt or Rutgers. You go there; you have a shot at a job ANYWHERE basically. You got to Brown, then it's a lot more difficult to get a job at some places that are only considering applications from tier 1 (i.e. top 8) programs. And, about the title of this thread (i.e. location) I just feel like you need to sometimes make the small sacrifice of perhaps living in a mediocre location if it
  3. I think an argument can be made for even 1 or 2 spots. It's really depends, I guess. Hard to generalize. The ranking are (obviously) a product of faculty, etc ... and when you consider those difference it becomes more easy to appreciate what 1 or 2 spots means.
  4. The motto all too often seems to that when things are close "go wherever you think you'd be most happy." Sorry to be cynical, but it's just so difficult to predict "where you'd be more happy" and often even locations that seem at first glance less attractive end up being fine. My brother went to college in the middle of nowhere in the midwest (after growing up in NY... I don't mean to belittle the midwest but I hope you get the idea) and he was completely fine with it. We only get the chance to enroll in a PhD program once. Sometimes going with the prestige (over e.g. location) is the way to g
  5. This was the first time I’ve done this and I was struck by how much I learned, so I felt compelled to share the info (and even make an account here to do so). Overall, I’ve learned that (1) it’s important to visit schools and (2) the schools I visited were quite different than I had imagined them to be. I’ve been very fortunate enough to get into Berkeley and UCLA, as well as a few East Coast schools “ranked” a tiny bit lower. So far no schools in the “very top tier” (in the sense of top 8 which are mostly Ivy League etc). I didn’t imagine these results, and perhaps I’ve alway
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