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  1. Apparently they split their remaining assistantships into multiple smaller offers to try and entice more people, and they are down to a sum of money that's approximately half of one regular funding package.
  2. There are .5 funded offers remaining, RIP me.
  3. @ScroopHaha it dropped from 4 to 3 within an hour of Allhoff answering my response to the update. This is the type of thing that makes me anxious about responding to emails.
  4. WMU is my top choice and I'm still waitlisted for funding. As of yesterday they still had 3 funded offers that haven't been accepted. Keeping my fingers crossed that one of them finds its way down to me.
  5. Rejected from Wisconsin-Milwaukee. *deep breaths*
  6. Accepted to LSU and NIU Waitlisted at CSU (no clue as to position) Rejected from Tufts (as expected) Have yet to hear from Milwaukee, Western Mich, and UH.
  7. Ding what @Scroop said about the CSU waitlist; I'm right there with ya. Congrats @Paper Moon on your acceptances!
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