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  1. Hey, can I ask you when did you get the Brown acceptance? Thanks!
  2. Is anyone considering declining Brandeis? Thanks!
  3. Hey, that'll definitely help me, as I'm on their wl! May I ask your aoi? Thanks!
  4. Anyone planning to turn down their Brandeis offers (desperate face)?
  5. Hey, if you are declining Brandeis then that will definitely help me!
  6. Hi Kaimakides, I just sent the request. I guess it would feel good to be involved in such a community when applying.
  7. Leiter should charge those top10-ranked or so for server maintenance.
  8. Thank you very much for your input Nom-nom Chomsky, I think we are facing the similar sort of problem then (although I applied to both BA and Master since my undergrad is not philosophy). I reckon an analytical writing sample would to some extent reduce the impact, but still not very sure of it.
  9. Hi Nom-Nom Chomsky and everyone, greetings! I'm also interested in views of the States PhD program toward applicants with an Overseas MA/BA. But my worry would be that if the States program would be biased toward certain continental schools, whilst these schools do offer analytic courses in their BA/MA programs. Any comments would be appreciated. X
  10. Hi guys! actually this is also my concern too. My GPA is like going up every year but it started from a quite low point (from 3.0 to 3.7), so I guess my GPA is not likely be of any help. But if I can get a relatively high GRE score, does it make up what I lost in my GPA? thanks!
  11. Hi guys, looks like people are getting ready . I have added some programs to my choices (many thanks to fuzzylogician and Garyon!) and I would say that my main areas of interest is semantics, theoretical pragmatics and the overlapping field in philosophy of language (syntax is of relatively less interest to me ). So I think for now my choices would be: MIT, UMass, UCSC, NYU, U Chicago and McGill (pls feel free to comment if there are more). As for the chances of getting in, this is something I feel uncertain about because of my gpa (around 3.65) and lack of related research experiences (only o
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