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  1. Thanks for the input, guys. In retrospect, it's probably not total sabotage but if further iterations are needed I'll take it out.
  2. Hey guys - In my statement of purpose, I mention that my reasons for pursuing a PhD - aside from the training itself - include teaching and researching philosophy at the university level, and that I am also open to working outside of academia. Is it unwise to state this? I'm a little worried because my apps are out, and the damage may be done.
  3. Unfunded offer from University of Georgia with a 3.05. Accepted? More of a soft no ~
  4. Rejected by Illinois Urbana-Champagne. It's an uphill battle with my 3.05 GPA.
  5. Thanks for the input guys
  6. For those of you who have applied to several programs, did you write a general statement of purpose applicable to all programs, or did you use a template and tailor each submission?
  7. When you send your GRE score from the ETS website, you select a specific test to send. This means that the program to which you are applying has access to this test only.
  8. I've done an immense amount of research on this and from what I can tell, the GRE's are effective only in ameliorating a weak application, not augmenting a strong one. Your grades are of course fine, and so long as your SOP, letters and writing sample (not sure if your academic domain requires this) are good, your GRE scores will most likely have very little effect on your competitiveness. If it is the case that your programs require a writing sample, I wouldn't worry about your AWA score either; It will most likely be ignored as the adcom will base your abilities on the writing sample.
  9. Might be late on this, but your scores will be sent when your AWA score is finalized. The 4 free scores are only available immediately after your test. If you leave, you have to pay the fee to send scores. Regardless, no scores are sent until your AWA is graded.
  10. I'm not in grad school (yet) but I would add that I've never heard anything negative about phil grad programs other than this post.
  11. lth

    Writing samples

    If I get in anywhere this fall I'll share mine. Also, Scoots, your profile says you're based in Tokyo? I used to live in Japan and moved back to the states for the purpose of grad school. Out of curiosity, are you planning on attending a school there?
  12. I'm in a similar situation. I've done quite a lot of research on this very subject. From what I've gathered, the vast majority of admissions committees are primarily concerned with your writing sample and your letters. For a masters program I think your grades are solid and will not count against you. I am currently sitting on a 3.0 undergrad gpa and a 3.5 major gpa and am attempting to get into outlying PhD programs not on the PGR. I've also heard from a few admissions committee members that GPA is far less important for masters acceptance. Good luck
  13. This is my inaugural post. Greetings. I'll get to the point- I'm terrified about my chances of getting into a philosophy phd program and would love some advice. My situation is thus: I graduated in 2014 from an unknown but accredited baptist school. My undergraduate experience was a mess. A cavalier approach and several disagreements with professors (I would simply leave class and never return) resulted in a disastrous freshman and sophomore year. As a junior, I got serious about academics and worked hard to that end. Unfortunately, in the beginning of my third year, my mom develope
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