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  1. Thanks so much for the feedback, everyone! I think I'm feeling confident enough to just apply everywhere I was intending to apply and see how things shake out.
  2. Hi All, I am MA student finishing up my degree at a top 3 Canadian university. Currently, I am preparing my applications to PhD programs with a focus in political theory. I just wrote the GRE and, unfortunately, I choked. 154Q and 167V. Don't have my writing scores back yet. In hindsight, I've realized that, owing to a number of factors, I did not spend nearly enough time preparing. To make matters worse, I have terrible anxiety and just froze up for significant portions of the exam. My plan is (or was) to apply to the following schools: Harvard, Michigan, Minnesota, U of Toronto, Joh
  3. Hi all, lurker here. Accepted by Queen's (back in Feb) and Toronto (on March 3) for MA. Queen's is offering full funding; no funding at Toronto as far as I can tell (wasn't shortlisted for the SSHRC CGS-M). Still waiting on McGill and UBC. Good luck to everyone! P.S. Has anyone applying to UBC heard from Dr. Quirk a second time concerning the status of their CGS-M? I heard from him back in Feb, but nothing since.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a domestic student aiming to apply for Political Science MA programs in Canada this cycle. I was initially planning to apply directly into PhD programs, but circumstances have dictated that I take the MA route first (this is probably for the best). For what it's worth, I am currently finishing my application for the CGS-M. Any and all feedback/advice is very much appreciated! PROFILE: Type of Undergrad Institution: Top 3 Canadian University Major(s)/Minor(s): Political Science (Major)/English (Major) Undergrad GPA: CGPA: 3.95/ final two years: 4.0 GRE: N/A. Will be taki
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