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  1. Katherine P

    Please help, freaking out :(

    yes, this was exactly it. 😕 I did tons and tons of practice questions (practically all the ones from the Princeton Review and Manhattan Prep books that I had) but I didn't practice them under timed conditions. If I had practiced more and learned how to skip around, practice with the calculator, etc. I think I could have performed better. Hope people learn from my mistakes!
  2. Katherine P

    Please help, freaking out :(

    Thank you so much everyone! I feel a lot calmer after reading your comments and I appreciate your time and your knowledge. I will plan to take the GRE again in early November and signed up for Magoosh, which I think will help keep me on track better than the last time that I studied. From what I've heard, the GRE isn't the most important part of your application, but the schools that I'm applying to definitely consider it so I think it's worth it for me to take it again. Thank you again!
  3. Katherine P

    Please help, freaking out :(

    Hi everyone, I am mildly freaking out. I'm planning on applying to Psychology Ph.D. programs for Fall 2019. I graduated last June with a B.A. in Psychology from a top-ranked university with a 4.0 GPA, research experience, and awards. I did well in academic-wise and I know that I'll have strong letters of recommendation by well-respected professors. My problem is the GRE. I took it last year because I was planning on applying to grad schools. I was advised to take a gap year, so I didn't end up applying last year. My GRE scores weren't that good (150 - verbal, 150 -quantitative, 4.5 - analytical writing). I know my GRE scores don't match with the rigor of my CV and academic achievements. I think I didn't do as well as I wanted because I was extremely anxious and ill-prepared for managing my time during the test. I had done plenty of practice problems, but not enough practice with timed tests so I didn't manage my time well during the exam. I also really hate standardized tests. I'm pretty sure if I retook it I could do better. Applying to grad schools really freaks me out and I've been procrastinating. I had planned to retake the GRE and I haven't started studying again, but at this point is it too late to retake it? Should I just send in my old scores or try to retake it? I'm not working right now and I'm just focusing on grad school apps, so I think I could devote a good chunk of the day to studying. Most of the deadlines are December 1, when would be the latest I could take it? Please help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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