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  1. Katherine P

    Fall 2019 Social Psychology Applicant Thread

    I'm pretty sure that Utah's social psych invitations have already been sent out. I had a phone interview pretty early in December and last week the PI let me know that I wasn't invited to the interview weekend. The interview weekend is the first weekend of February if I remember correctly so I'm assuming they've already sent out invites.
  2. Hi everyone, When I was earning my bachelor's degree, I took a lot of classes that are relevant to my intended field of study (social psychology). For this reason, I got to know many of the professors in the social psychology department at my undergraduate university. I'm applying to the same university for graduate school. Is it strange or a conflict of interest if the professor who I'm interested in working with is also one of my letter writers? Thank you!
  3. Katherine P

    GRE Sending Scores

    On test day, I know you can choose 4 schools to send your scores to for free. On the ETS website, it says after test day you can send them to additional schools. Does this mean that the next day I can request that my scores be sent? Or do I have to wait to wait longer to receive my official scores before they can be sent? Thank you!
  4. Katherine P

    Score Select?

    Hi everyone, I'm taking the GRE next week and was hoping to get some advice on the score select. I took the GRE last year and my scores were (V = 153, Q = 150, AW: 4.5). I'm hoping that when I take the exam again, I'll perform better. I'm not expecting any miracles, but I've been studying differently and so I'll be happy with any improvement from the last time. So say that I do slightly better this time around. Would I want to send both of my scores to schools to show that I tried again and improved a little? Or would I want to send them just the better score?
  5. Katherine P

    Please help, freaking out :(

    yes, this was exactly it. ? I did tons and tons of practice questions (practically all the ones from the Princeton Review and Manhattan Prep books that I had) but I didn't practice them under timed conditions. If I had practiced more and learned how to skip around, practice with the calculator, etc. I think I could have performed better. Hope people learn from my mistakes!
  6. Katherine P

    Please help, freaking out :(

    Thank you so much everyone! I feel a lot calmer after reading your comments and I appreciate your time and your knowledge. I will plan to take the GRE again in early November and signed up for Magoosh, which I think will help keep me on track better than the last time that I studied. From what I've heard, the GRE isn't the most important part of your application, but the schools that I'm applying to definitely consider it so I think it's worth it for me to take it again. Thank you again!
  7. Katherine P

    Please help, freaking out :(

    Hi everyone, I am mildly freaking out. I'm planning on applying to Psychology Ph.D. programs for Fall 2019. I graduated last June with a B.A. in Psychology from a top-ranked university with a 4.0 GPA, research experience, and awards. I did well in academic-wise and I know that I'll have strong letters of recommendation by well-respected professors. My problem is the GRE. I took it last year because I was planning on applying to grad schools. I was advised to take a gap year, so I didn't end up applying last year. My GRE scores weren't that good (150 - verbal, 150 -quantitative, 4.5 - analytical writing). I know my GRE scores don't match with the rigor of my CV and academic achievements. I think I didn't do as well as I wanted because I was extremely anxious and ill-prepared for managing my time during the test. I had done plenty of practice problems, but not enough practice with timed tests so I didn't manage my time well during the exam. I also really hate standardized tests. I'm pretty sure if I retook it I could do better. Applying to grad schools really freaks me out and I've been procrastinating. I had planned to retake the GRE and I haven't started studying again, but at this point is it too late to retake it? Should I just send in my old scores or try to retake it? I'm not working right now and I'm just focusing on grad school apps, so I think I could devote a good chunk of the day to studying. Most of the deadlines are December 1, when would be the latest I could take it? Please help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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