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  1. Ohio State has a funded MA/PhD, but students do sometimes go to another institution upon completion of the masters. Good luck!
  2. I don't know how it is in your field, so I can't say. In my field, I know very few people who did graduate school unfunded. It's just not worth it if you don't have funding.
  3. I wouldn't be able to go to grad school if I didn't get departmental funding. I can't imagine paying that kind of money out of pocket or acruing that much debt unless the field were an especially lucrative one. Because jobs are so scarce in my field (English), out of a sense of ethics, many departments only admit students if they can afford to give them an assistantship with a tuition waiver. Have you considered applying for programs that offer assistantships so you don't saddle yourself with debt?
  4. I just realized that I've been teaching college long enough to have taught people in my cohort during their freshman year. I feel old.

  5. The experience is valuable, and coursework is only a small portion of the value of graduate school. You have little work experience, so do take advantage of the GA position. Additionally, get involved in other activities as they arise: symposiums, conferences, leadership opportunities. Look at it this way: everyone with a master's degree has gone through course work. What will distinguish you as a PhD candidate and on the job market is all the other stuff you did (and how you did it).
  6. You know what... I just remembered, the last few months I lived in Mississippi, Megabus added a stop to Oxford, so you actually MIGHT be able to take a Megabus up to Memphis, though I don't see the city listed on the Megabus website anymore, so they may have given up on Oxford. The schedule is limited, and you're dealing with Megabus, which is notorious for being late (I once waited four hours for a bus to NoLa that never came), but it may be there if you need it. Give them a call and see if they're still running the Mississippi route. Ah, the joys of public transportation in a rural town.
  7. So sorry y'all but there is no public transit to Memphis. The best you can do is the shuttle service to the airport which costs over $100. However, you make good friends with people carpooling up to Memphis and out to Tupelo for shopping trips.
  8. The "quality of life in Oxford generally" is really dependent on who you are, what you need, and what you do. It's a small, isolated college town, an island of wealth in an otherwise pretty impoverished state. This leads to both positives and negatives. There are many cultural activities despite the size of the town, which is nice. The culture is car-centric, which can be frustrating if you don't drive. If you want to ask more specific questions, I'm happy to address them. As for the relationship between English and Department of Writing and Rhetoric (DWR), there is some collaboration betw
  9. Hey all - I lived in Oxford for three years as faculty in the Dept. for Writing and Rhetoric, where you will likely spend some time teaching if you accept. If you have questions about the area, please ask. I do want to let you all know that, despite the fact that the COL is low in rural Mississippi, it's not all that low in Oxford proper. Rent is killer, but if you have a reliable car, you can live outside of town fairly cheaply.
  10. I just reached my quota of positive votes for the day, so I guess I'll have to switch to downvotes instead.

  11. Congrats OSU admits! I'll echo toasterazzi's welcome and invitation - if you want to talk about the program or the city, I'm happy to email/skype/chat.
  12. Oh drownsoda. We all think we're the only ones who feel the way you're feeling now, but the truth is, you're brilliant and capable, and we all have these imposter-syndrome crisis of confidence moments. Your credentials are more than acceptable. I echo the advice of the poster above - check out the lit/comp/rhet subforum, and use your networks for advice and support. The waiting is torture, but while you wait, read happy books, get lost in your video games, binge watch something bright and cheerful on Netflix, and spend time with people who are important to you to pass the time. It will be
  13. If you were still able to submit it via the online form, you're probably okay. Don't stress.
  14. I'm going to point out another advantage of smaller, regional conferences in your field - you get more opportunities to "shine" and talk to people one-on-one. It's good to give people as many opportunities to see you as possible because, when you go on the market, you never know who will be on the search committee. As an added bonus, local, regional conferences are usually more affordable and less time-consuming. If you can swing it, it's worth it.
  15. I'm on the third day of a massive conference, and my inner introvert is crying out for quiet and solitude. Just keep swimming...

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