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  1. So it looks I might eventually publish this year...

  2. TOEFL is valid for 2 years. GRE for 5.
  3. Most programs I've seen require the scores to be valid at the moment they receive the report. So yours should be fine(IE: no retake), but it wouldn't hurt to contact each program.
  4. Powerprep and the actual GRE are practically identical(not only in difficulty, also in style). Powerprep is the actual test. What might happen is that, if you didn't do well on the first quant, the second quant will be easier(but due to the equalization process you might still not score that high). To increase the quant, I suggest training with HARDER material: IE, Manhattan Prep.
  5. Here, in no particular order: 1- Identify and inform your potential recommenders about your plans. 2- Not only contact PIs, read some of their material(papers, articles, books). If you visit, is a good idea to mention some of his current research.(also, this is how you will find out if you really like their research). 3- Start brainstorming for your SoP. Although you should follow the guidelines of each program when writting the SoP, a solid brainstorming exercise will give you the material to start with each one. This is a long and maybe hard process, so start early.
  6. I won't recommend that you buy THIS. But it is an example on how, once you have a PhD, you won't be willing to forget that period. You will be writing about how you overcame that period(or willing to do so).
  7. I applied to Cornell and they don't usually update the website when the result is made. They sent me an email with the decision.(Maybe they updated the website later, but I didn't check again). In my experience, their office work is extremely efficient. Send them a short email with your doubt and they will reply in no time( really, I never waited for more than 24 hours during my application process).
  8. @Crucial BBQ: They are indeed! I guess that's the best part Sunn o))) - Orthodox caveman Wolves in the throne room-I will lay down my bones among the rocks and roots (Gee, some times I wish I lived in Seattle!) Infected mushroom- heavyweight
  9. Geekness is strong in this one I have on schedule the ST:TNG marathon.
  10. I think you would risk being late. It takes 4 to 5 weeks for ETS to report your grades and send them you each institution. So even if you get your transcripts and recommenders on time, your GRE scores would probably be late.( although who knows? heard of people that completed application, requested an extension for the GRE scores to arrive and still got admission...) If you could apply for spring 2016 would be a safer bet. As for test prep, it hugely depends on how you are on each section. I spent 2 years without doing math(not composing essays) and I had to work a bit on prep. Some pe
  11. I'm following Game of thrones(we are almost in the middle of a new season! woot!). I recommend it, but it is very graphic. Also, if you haven't seen it, Breaking bad is awesome!
  12. Just keep in mind that if a grad program wants you, a phone call or a couple of emails won't change that fact. Just try not to be a pest. My conjecture is that they are trying to get you in, but need a couple weeks until "something" is defined. Keep us informed, I hope you make it!
  13. Mechanical Engineering, PhD (F15) Rejected via Website on 15 Apr 2015 I 15 Apr 2015 15 April deadline followed nicely by UCB giving mass rejects. Some people just want to watch the whole world burn... The dark knight... see what you did there...
  14. At this stage of the admissions period, absolutely contact through Email. Remember ettiquete: allow 1 or 2 days for the PI to reply, then forward the previous message with some note like " I'm not sure you received my previous message. such and such". I guess... you might be in some sort of waiting list(formal). If you don't have a rejection, you are still in the game.
  15. In general, GPA+LoR weight more than GRE. The advantage you have is that you can start prepping on the GRE. With adequate time and prep, you can get a decent GRE score without much effort. You research interest is what it is. You can't get to change it(or in any event, it's not advisable). Instead of looking at it that way, think that your research interest has "a grand unifying theme with many instances"... that is the ultimate point you need to show to get your PhD(you just need to show that "theme" through publications and a thesis). I'm almost sure that your college is more reputed
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